Pot of Gold Counting With Pouch Caps

St. Patrick's Day Counting Activity for Kids Using Pouch Cap Lids

Looking to make counting and practicing numbers fun and engaging for your kids? We broke out our ever famous pouch caps and did a little St. Patrick’s day counting. This activity was so simple and literally took me 2 minutes to set up. If you don’t already save your pouch lids you must begin now. We use these lids for all sorts of things from throwing them in sensory bins, to using them as counters, to using them as art materials. The possibilities are endless.

Practice counting with this fun hands on engaging activity perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Kids will identify numbers and then use pouch caps to count that the number of "gold" to add to their pot.

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What do I need to get started?
-Black construction paper pot or plastic black pot

-yellow pouch caps (or gold coins)

-a copy of our FREE Roll & Graph Shamrocks activity or a regular die

How do I set it up?

Cut out a black pot from construction paper and gather some pouch lids.

Print out the shamrock cards and insert into these differentiated learning cubes or attach to a cube box. You can also use a regular die if you want.

Roll the die, identify the number, and add that many pouch lids to the pot. Repeat over and over.

And that’s it. It really is that simple and the best part is the whole things is FREE and your kids will have fun counting and you have a fun easy to put together activity for St. Patrick’s day. 

St. Patrick's Day Counting Activity for Kids Using Pouch Cap Lids

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