Home Visual Schedule Cards

HOme Visual Schedule Cards
I am not sure about you, but my entire family needs routine or we get cranky. As we enter the age of three with Little Miss, I am finding sticking to a routine is so so so important for all of our sanity. A couple months ago, some of our usual everyday tasks (read cleaning up toys) were becoming a power struggle with her and I knew if we were going to get anywhere with our strong willed little lady we needed to make some changes to help, once again keep us all sane.

Home Visual Schedule Cards Daily routine and chore chart cards for kids

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We introduced Little Miss to this visual schedule and we have been using it for a couple weeks now and I can honestly say it has changed everyone’s attitudes for the better. While we have always had a routine, having a visual card for what comes next has helped keep our day flowing even more smoothly and has cut down on the power struggle.

HOme Visual Schedule Cards
Instead of constantly harping on her to pick up her toys, we have designated times throughout the day, before lunch and before bed, to clean up the playroom and since the visual card tells us its time to clean up and not mommy or daddy, Little Miss willingly and happily cleans up her toys. If I ask her at any other time during the day, I am immediately met with resistance and she will often correct me “But mommy we don’t do that yet, we do this.”

Not only has it helped with her cleaning up and taking better care of her toys, it has helped cut down on the million and one questions throughout the day, “Can we do an at-tivity?” Can we do school mommy? Can I have a snack? and so on and so forth. While our activities and snacks and such don’t happen at the exact same time everyday they do happen in the order that is on the fridge that morning.

HOme Visual Schedule Cards

I separated our visual schedule into a Morning, Afternoon, and Evening routine so it was less overwhelming. The night before, I think of everything we have going on and I will set up our cards for the next day. Throughout the day, as we do something on our list, Little Miss gets out her stool and crawls up to move the card back down to the big selection of cards. Since our Little Guy absolutely loves magnets and we do not want these ones to come up missing, this is up high on our fridge and Little Miss uses her stool to reach the cards.

HOme Visual Schedule Cards
This is what works for us at the current moment, but there are many different cards and headers available for purchase in the download link below to best fit your family and your needs.

This pack now includes over 100 cards that include daily activities, chores, and after school extra curricular activities, as well as some editable cards that you may need to appear more often throughout your day. 

While the cards are on a full page in the pdf, when I printed, I printed two pages per sheet, which  made them the perfect size and they all fit on the fridge easier. After laminating, I cut them out and attached tiny circle magnets to the back of them.

HOme Visual Schedule Cards Download


  1. where can I find these visual cards?

  2. The link is at the end of the post. Click on the "Visual Schedule Download on TPT" image and it will direct you to my store or you can find them here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Home-Visual-ScheduleRoutine-Chore-Chart-for-Young-Children-3023727