Our Homeschool Circle Time Board

In order to incorporate various skills into our day, we will be incorporating circle time into our day. After we have our Bible time, we will be moving to our Circle Time board and will begin talking about our different focus skills for the week. At not even 2.5 years old, Circle time will be something that takes maybe 5 minutes tops. I want to slowly begin introducing this to her and help to develop a rhythm and routine now that will carry on and expand throughout the years.
Circle Time Calendar Board
During circle time we will be talking about our different focus skills: letter, number, shape, and color of the week plus discussing the daily weather and temperature, learning to spell Little Miss 2’s name, phone numbers & address. She has been so interested in all of these things so we will be touching upon them each day.

So here’s a look at our Circle Time Calendar Board that we will be using to help us with each of these skills. It will be on display for Little Miss  to reference whenever she wants to.

This Circle time board is perfect for an elementary or homeschool classroom.

I used items from my Calendar Pack resource to create a trifold board for our display. I wanted this resource to be able to be moved around and to leave more homeschool room wall space for other things so I used the trifold board which works perfectly for this. All items in our Pack were sized to fit onto a 48"x36" trifold board, but they can also be added to a bulletin board or other wall display.

Circle Time Board

For the start of the year and as this resource is new, I will already have all of our focus week cards out and have her add them to the board and we will then work together to add thing cards for things like the weather and temperature. As the year progresses she will take over picking out the cards we need to add and then add them to the wall.

Circle Time Board

We will begin working on how to spell her name, our address, and our phone numbers with our interactive “plaques”. All of our laminated pieces are attached to our trifold board with velcro dots and each of the cards are attached to the “plaques” are attached with velcro dots as well ,which helps to make our circle time board very interactive and hands on.

Circle Time Board

It is not shown, but there is space at the bottom of our trifold board that will allow our board to grow with us as we add more skills we need to learn and practice.

Instead of including our Bible Verse, Bible Song, & Rhymes & Songs Charts (which are included as part of our free plans for each theme) directly onto our board, although you honestly could, I chose to add them to page protectors and place them in a binder. Not only will this allow me to just flip right to the next one (although I may add the different files to different binders eventually) It makes a great display stand for them as well. 

Circle Time Board
This is what our circle time looks like now as we are beginning tot school and little Miss is 2. As tot school continues I know the way we conduct our circle time will grow too.


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  1. Thank you!! We are homeschooling for the first year this year, and my son is going to love this!