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Welcome to our Busy Binder Product Line Landing Page. Here you will find all the facts and information about ALL of our Busy Binder products. 

What is a Busy Binder?

  •  A busy binder is an interactive "binder" of activities for young learners to complete again and again.

How can I use the Busy Binder?

  • Morning work
  • Morning Basket
  • School Work
  • Supplemental School Work
  • Quiet time
  • Traveling
  • Something to keep little ones occupied while at the doctor's or a restaurant
  • Etc.

How Do I Set Up the Busy Binder?


  • Binder or Binders or if you choose you could bind with a binding machine and spines 
  • Velcro Dots: thinner vs. thicker (I have used both and while I love how much cheaper the thicker ones are, I LOVE how much less space the thinner ones take up.)
  • Laminator
  • Laminating sheets
  • Hole punch (if using binders) 


If you are putting your activity pages in a binder, simply print, laminate, and hole punch each of the pages and add to a binder. Each of the files come with directions for prepping each individual activity (ie what to cut, where to put Velcro etc.)

If you are using a binding machine, simply print, laminate, and then run the pages through your binding machine and snap them together with a binder spine. And as mentioned above, each of the files comes with their own individual activity directions.

Busy Binder Bundle

Themed Busy Binders

Themed Busy Binders will be released on the 15th of every month (subject to change) and will be available in my Teacher's Pay Teacher's Shop.

Each theme will include 10 themed activities for preschool and kindergarten aged children. Skills will vary across each theme, but will include things like letters, numbers, counting, shapes, colors, CVC words, rhyming, addition, subtraction, and more.

As new themes are added, I will update this page with links so you have a one stop shop for all things busy binders!!!!

All dates and themes are subject to change.


COMING MARCH 15th: Easter
COMING APRIL 15th: Construction
COMING MAY 15: Ocean


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