Construction Theme Activity Binder

Construction Theme Busy Binder

I am pretty sure that every child I have ever known, especially little boys,  has had some obsession with construction equipment and construction themed things at some point in their life. My little guy has been obsessed since he was wee little. The construction theme is such a fun one and I couldn't miss the opportunity to create a construction themed activity binder! My little guy was on cloud nine when I pulled these activities out for him the first time. This is just one of many themed binder sets that I have available with many more to come. I have a hard time picking a favorite because each set is just so incredibly fun to make.

Are you looking for simple hands on learning activities to keep your young learners engaged and learning while playing? Do you have a little one who is obsessed with Construction equipment?  This Construction Themed Activity Binder for preschool and kindergarten has ten interactive learning activities that are perfect for any time of year and will keep your learner engaged and having fun while learning. Check out all ten construction themed learning activities and grab a copy for your home or classroom here.

Busy Binder Facts

The Construction Themed Busy Binder can be used any time of the year. The activities in the set are engaging and interactive and practice many early learning skills.   You can use my activity binders in many different ways. You can use them as morning work in the home or early childhood classroom, take it along with you when you travel or go to a restaurant or doctors appointment, or use it as part of your homeschool, preschool, or kindergarten classroom curriculum.

The Construction Themed Busy Binder set includes 10 activities for preschool and kindergarten and covers the following skills:
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Letter Recognition and Beginning Sounds
  • Numbers, Counting & Ten Frames
  • Shape Tracing
  • Colors and Color Words 
  • Numbers & Counting
  • Tally Marks and Graphing
  • Short Vowels
  • Prewriting/Tracing Practice & Matching
  • Pen Control/Left to Right Progression
The activities in this busy binder are great for binder work or using as individual activities. Many parents and teachers have used them alongside sensory bins and I absolutely love that idea. These are so easy to use in a variety of ways.

Busy Binder Activities

Here is a look at everything included in the Construction Themed Activity Binder.

If you decide to bind them together into a binder or book, I have included a cover page you can use! I have used both binders and Proclick binding spines to bind our busy binders over the years. Both work great. And again, you don't even have to bind them or use Velcro dots. You can use them as individual activities.

Construction Busy Binder

Children will match tools to the shadow on the mat with this Tools Shadow Matching Activity.

Tools Shadow Matching

Children will work on beginning sounds with this Construction Beginning Sounds Match activity.  Students will pick a rock picture, say the word, identify the beginning sound, and add it to the back of the correct letter dump truck.

Beginning Sounds Match

The Building Number 10 Frames activity works on number identification, counting on a ten frame, and matching numbers. Children will use the tool pictures or another small manipulative to count out the corresponding number on the ten frame and then find the same number on the signs.

Building Number 10 Frames

Children will practice tracing and identifying shapes with this Construction Shape Signs activity.

Shape Tracing

Practice matching colors and color words together with this Colorful Construction Signs activity. 

Colorful Construction Signs Color Activity

My kids love spinning spinners. For this Spin and Count tools activity, kids will have the chance to spin a spinner and then use tools (real or the paper ones) to count out the corresponding amount into the tool box.

Spin and Count Tools

Using tally marks is an easy way to see how many you have of something. With this Tally & Graph Construction activity, children will use tally marks to count how many different construction related pictures there are and they will use the information they collected to graph the totals on the graph.

Tally and Graph Construction Activity

For the Short Vowel Brick sort, children will sort the bricks by medial vowel sound. Students will say the name of the picture on the brick, identify what short vowel sound they hear, and place it above the correct vowel brick on the mat to for brick walls. 

Short Vowel Sort

Construction Words Trace and Match is a two part activity. Children will be introduced to construction themed vocabulary words. They will trace the words and spell them out and then once they have traced the words, they will match them to the correct picture on the left side of the mat.

Construction Vocabulary Words Prewriting Trace and match

Students will practice pen control and left to right progression with these Don't Hit the Cones activity sheets.

COnstruction Themed Pen Control

We have had a mini construction zone in our house the last few weeks and I don't see it going away any time soon. This is a favorite around here.

More Busy Binder Information

For more information on our Busy binder activities, be sure to hop over to our Busy Binder landing page! Here you will find information about all of our busy binder themes and catch a sneak peek at themes that will be coming to the shop soon.

Grab Your Copy

Grab your Construction Themed Busy Binder and get it prepared for some construction themed fun.

This learning activity binder includes 10 Construction themed learning activities for preschool and kindergarten. Use it for morning work, traveling, quiet time activities and more. Check out all ten skills covered and see other ways you can use our busy binder products here.

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