Sweet Treats Themed Busy Binder Activities

Whether you have a sweet tooth and love all things donuts and cupcakes and ice cream or are just looking for some sweet activities for preschoolers and kindergartners, you are going to love my Sweet Treats Busy Binder set!

My Sweet Treats Busy Binder set is just one of the many busy binder activity sets in my shop, with many more themed bundles to come.

Are you looking for simple hands on learning activities to keep your young learners engaged and learning while playing? Maybe you have a thing for sweet treats? This Sweet Treats Busy Binder for preschool and kindergarten has ten interactive learning activities that are perfect for any time of year and will keep your learner engaged and having fun while learning. Check out all ten sweet treats themed activities and grab a copy for your home or classroom here.

Busy Binder Facts

The Sweet Treats Busy Binder set is the perfect theme that can be used all year long. Prep once and have it on hand to pull out for morning work, quiet time, traveling, doctor's appointments and more all throughout the year. It's the theme that just keeps on giving.

The Sweet Treats Busy Binder includes 10 activities for preschoolers and kindergartners and includes the following skills:
  • Shadow Matching
  • Capital/Lowercase/Sound Matching
  • Number Sense/One-to-one correspondence
  • Shape Matching
  • Colors/Color Word Matching
  • Number Sense/Counting
  • Patterns (AB, ABC, ABB, AAB)
  • Syllables
  • Shape Tracing
  • CVC and CVCe Words
Please note, that while I have mine set up as a binder, you can certainly print these activities out and use them as stand alone activities for your classroom or homeschool learning activities. I just love having them in a binder/bound for a quick grab and go learning activity for my kids.

Busy Binder Activities

Here is a look at everything included in the Sweet Treats Busy Binder.

The set includes a cover page you can add to your binder if you choose to bind them. I have used both binders and Proclick binding spines to bind our busy binders over the years. Both work great.

Sweet Treats Themed Activity Binder Activity Book Cover

This popsicle sound match matches capital letters, lowercase letters, and picture/sounds together to form a whole popsicle. Children will work to put the popsicles together to form a letter popsicle. All 26 letters of the alphabet are represented. You can start out with a few letters/pieces if presenting them all would be too overwhelming.

Match Capital letters, lowercase letters, and beginning sound picture cards together to form a popsicle using this sweet treats themed activity mat.

Children will practice matching sweet treat pictures to the shadow with this fun visual discrimination shadow matching activity.

Practice Visual Discrimination with this sweet treats themed shadow matching activity.

You can't have a sweet treats theme without including gumballs. This Gumball shapes activity is for matching 6 of the most basic 2D shapes to their outline. Each shape looks like a gumball and children will pick a gumball shape and match it to the shape inside the gumball machine. This activity is very similar to our gumball colors activity found in our color and shape busy binder.

Shape matching is a valuable skill for preschoolers to practice. This sweet treats themed shape matching activity is great for preschool!

The Boxing Up Donuts activity is an interactive activity for practicing number recognition, counting, and one-one-correspondence. Children will pick a number, identify the number, and then use the donuts to count out the corresponding number of donuts in the box.

             Check out our donut themed activity mat we completed for National Donut Day for
             additional donut Activities. 

Practice counting, number recogntion, and one-to-one correspondene all in one engaging sweet treats themed activity. Kids will have fun boxing up the donuts.

Children will practice counting and number recognition with this Chocolate Chip Cookie count activity. Simply count the chocolate chips on each cookie and find the corresponding number and add it to the box below the cookie.

Practice counting and number recognition with this Chocolate Chip cookie counting activity for preschool and kindergarten.

The Rainbow Cupcakes comes with 3 different versions so you can use it with many different ages and practice different color and color work skills. Children will match the colored icing pieces to the correct cupcake. You can choose from the color matching mats, the color word matching mats with the words colored, and color word matching mats with the words black.

This rainbow cupcakes activity has children matching colored icing to the colored cupcake or the color word on the cupcake. Three versions available.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for Ice Cream. This ice cream patterns activity will have children practicing making ABC, AB, AAB, and ABB patterns using different colored ice cream. Children will pick their colors from the variety of colors and work to create the different patterns on top of the corresponding ice cream cone. The great thing about this one is that you can make all the patterns, take them off and repeat with new colors.

I scream. You Scream. We all scream for ice cream. Practice ABC patterns, AB patterns, AAB patterns, and ABB patterns with this interactive ice cream pattern activity which is perfect for preschool and kindergarten.

This CVC and CVCe cupcakes activity will help children practice differentiating between those short and long vowel sounds. Students will pick a cupcake, say the word on the cupcake, and determine if the vowel is long or short and then place it on the correct cupcake stand.

Differentiating between short and long vowel sounds can be tricky for kindergarten aged students. This CVC and CVCe sorting activity from our Sweet Treats Busy Activity binder will give children extra practice identifying whether the vowel is long or short and they will have the opportunity to practice reading both CVC and CVCe words.

Sweet Treats Shape Tracing is a simple shape tracing activity that you can use with your kids to practice tracing and drawing shapes. Laminate it and use a dry erase marker and you are set for continued shape drawing practice.

This tracing worksheet from our Sweet Treats Busy Binder set is one that you can use again and again to encourage young children to practice proper shape formation and for them to practice drawing some of the most basic shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and more. Laminate it for repeated use.

Lastly, this Ice Cream Syllables is a sweet (see what I did there) way of practicing identifying and counting syllables in simple words. Kids will pick an ice cream picture card, say the word and count the total syllables in the word and then place it on top of the correct ice cream cone.

Counting syllables in words is one of the more harder concepts for younger learners to grasp. This Ice Cream Syllable Counting activity is fun and interactive and kids will want to practice counting their syllables with this sweet little activity. Grab it and nine other sweet treats themed learning activities in our busy binder set.

We are a refined sugar free family due to a severe refined sugar intolerance so my kids are super excited to dive into these sweet treat activities as we are not able to enjoy them for real.

More Busy Binder Information

For more information on our Busy binder activities, be sure to hop over to our Busy Binder lading page! Here you will find information about all of our busy binder themes and catch a sneak peek at themes that will be coming to the shop soon.

Grab Your Copy

Grab your Sweet Treats Learning binder now and prepare it for fun hands on learning activities you can pull out all year long.

This learning activity binder includes 10 Sweet Treats themed learning activities for preschool and kindergarten. Use it for morning work, traveling, quiet time activities and more. Check out all ten skills covered and see other ways you can use our busy binder products here.

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