D is for Donut Activity Mat

D is for Donut National Donut Day Activity mat

Do you celebrate the fun, quirky "National" Holiday's? National Donut Day? National Pizza Day? In our house we love a good opportunity to celebrate anything we can. It brings us joy.

So in honor of National Donut day, check out our first ever activity mat that is still a favorite years later.

Activity Mats for Kids

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Activity mats are a simple and fun way to play and learn together with your kids. It's a "mat" of activities that you create for fun based around a theme in order to practice a variety of different skills. Read more about Activity Mats and how to get started doing them with your children. 

National Donut Day Activity Mat

National Donut day falls on the very first Friday in June every year. Mark your calendars for next year to ensure you have supplies ready to go to create your very own National Donut Day Activity Mat. 

Supplies You Will Need

  • Paper Roll
  • Markers/crayons
  • paper plates
  • Paint brushes
  • paint
  • construction paper "sprinkles" 
  • dot markers (or anything else you choose to use for your mat)

How To Create

To create your mat, first decide what you want to practice and include and then "map" out your mat on a piece of paper or just jump right in. Simply roll out a roll of paper (butcher paper or white works great) and use markers to start drawing out your sections.

So for a Donut themed mat, at age 4, we read If You give a Dog a Donut colored the Letter Dd, Dabbed the letter Dd with our Do-a-Dot Art markers, and made a paper plate donut complete with all the toppings. If you have older kids or are working on different skills add those it. These mats are easily adapted! 

Reading If You Give a Dog a Donut

To create a special order donut, I simply cut a hole in the center of a paper plate, squirted a little brown, white, and pink paint onto some pieces of paper and used these as the dough and icing. I cut some colorful paper into tiny pieces to make sprinkles. 

Paper Plate Donut Craft

Use the brown paint to paint around the outer edge of the plate to create the dough and then choose the color of icing you want and paint the inner circle. 

While the paint is still wet, toss on the paper sprinkles and they will stick once the paint dries.  

Paper Plate Donut Craft for National Donut Day

Overall, using activity mats, especially on the National Holidays, is a fun way to bring play and fun into your learning. We love activity mats and encourage you to give them a try. You can see just some of the many mats we have completed by checking out our Activity Mats page or you can search the hashtag #letsplayandlearnmats on Instagram to see more!!!

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