D is for Donut Activity Mat

Donut Activity Mat for Kids

In honor of National Donut Day, I whipped up a fun Donut Activity mat for Little Miss. When she came down from quiet time, she was greeted with our donut themed fun. She couldn’t wait to get started.

All you really need is a big piece of paper and some arts and crafts supplies. I used Kraft wrapping/butcher paper, but even an oversized paper pad could work.

Donut Activity Mat for Kids

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So what is the point of these mats? To be honest they are just a really fun way to work on different skills based on a specific theme. This one happened to be about Donuts so she practiced the Letter D. You can incorporate so many different skills into these and get get as creative as you want to. We read If You give a Dog a Donut colored the Letter Dd, Dabbed the letter Dd with our Do-a-Dot Art markers, and made a paper plate donut complete with all the fixins, dough (brown paint), icing (pink and white paint) and sprinkles (cut up pieces of paper).

Donut Activity Mat

Donut Activity Mat

Donut Activity Mat

Paper Plate Donut Craft

We have many more of these activity mats on the horizon so they are getting their very own page on the blog. Be sure to check back frequently to see all our new activity mats.

Activity Mats Landing Page

Not only do I love creating them, but the kids love completing them and as soon as they completed this one they were asking for another.


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