Summer Busy Binder Activities

Summer Busy Binder

Sweet summertime. Sweet sweet summertime. These summer themed activities will be perfect for those long hot days of summer when you are tucked away inside for a few minutes to beat the summer heat or for playing and learning in the shade outside during a break from playing. These activities in my Summer Activity Binder pack are perfect for preventing the summer slide and are great for preschool and kindergarten. I am sharing everything included in this activity set and you can find information on all of our busy binder sets on our busy binder landing page.

Summer Activity Binder Activities

Busy Binder Facts

The Summer Busy Binder Set can be used any time of the year, but is especially fun with its summer related themed like lemonade, seashells, fireflies, beach balls, watermelon, strawberries and popsicles. The activities in the set are engaging and interactive and practice many early learning skills.   You can use my activity binders in many different ways. You can use them as morning work in the home or early childhood classroom, take it along with you when you travel or go to a restaurant or doctors appointment, or use it as part of your homeschool, preschool, or kindergarten classroom curriculum.

The Summer Themed Busy Binder set includes 10 activities for preschool and kindergarten and covers the following skills:
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Capital and Lowercase letter matching
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Shape Matching
  • Colors and Color Words 
  • Numbers & Counting
  • Telling Time
  • Sorting Letters, Words, and Sentence
  • Prewriting/Tracing Practice/Pen Control
  • Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
The activities in this busy binder are great for binder work or using as individual activities. Many parents and teachers have used them alongside sensory bins and I absolutely love that idea. These are so easy to use in a variety of ways.

Busy Binder Activities

Here is a look at everything included in the Summer Themed Busy Binder Set.

If you decide to bind them together into a binder or book, I have included a cover page you can use! I have used both binders and Proclick binding spines to bind our busy binders over the years. Both work great. And again, you don't even have to bind them or use Velcro dots. You can use them as individual activities.

Sweet Summertime Busy Binder

Children will play a fun game of summer themed Tic Tac Toe.

Summer Tic Tac Toe

Children will work on matching capital and lowercase letters together with this Popsicle Letter Matching activity.

Letter Matching Popsicles

Watermelon is one of my favorite parts of summer. There's nothing better than biting into a cold juicy piece of watermelon on a hot summer day. Children will count the watermelon seeds and match the corresponding number in the box with this Watermelon Seed Counting activity.

Watermelon Seed Counting

With Seashell Shapes, children will match the colored seashell to the shell outline on the mat. 

Seashell Shape Matching

Sunshine is one of my favorite things about summer. My mood is just so much better when the sun is shining. Children will match the colored sun rays to the corresponding color word on the sun with this Colored Sun Rays activity.

Color and Color Word matching sun rays

Practice number identification and counting with this fun seashell counting activity. Pick a number card, identify the number, and use the included seashells or real seashells to fill the bucket.

Seashell Counting

I think this activity is my favorite from the whole set. My little lady is loving being able to tell the time, so we have been working with her to use both analog and digital clocks to tell time. For this activity, you can use the included digital clock cards and add them to the boxes on the bottom of the mat and then use a dry erase marker to show the time on the analog clock. It's Lemonade Time and we are ready for it.

Lemonade Themed Telling Time Activity

Children need to be able to recognize the difference between letters, words, and sentences. Words are made up of letters, and sentences are made up of words. Children will work to sort the strawberries by whether they are a letter, word, or sentence with this Letter, Word, Sentence Sort Activity.

Strawberry Letter, Word, Sentence Sort

Practice pen control and prewriting skills with these fun beach ball paths tracing pages.

Tracing Pages

One of my favorite things from childhood was going out late at night trying to catch all of the lightning bugs. This fun activities takes me back to those moments. Children will practice skip counting either by 2s, 5s, or 10s and fill their jar up with fireflies.

Skip Counting Activity

I am certainly dreaming of all the fun things we will do this summer now that these activities are complete.

More Busy Binder Information

For more information on our Busy binder activities, be sure to hop over to our Busy Binder landing page! Here you will find information about all of our busy binder themes and catch a sneak peek at themes that will be coming to the shop soon.

Grab Your Copy

Grab your Summer Themed Busy Binder and get it prepared for some summer learning now.

This summer learning activity binder includes 10 summer themed learning activities for preschool and kindergarten. Use it for morning work, traveling, quiet time activities and more. Check out all ten skills covered and see other ways you can use our busy binder products here.

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