Ocean Theme Activity Binder Activities

Ocean Activity Binder Activities

While I have never been to the ocean and don't have a great desire to go either, I do absolutely love doing ocean themed activities with my kids and my newest Ocean themed Activity binder is one of my favorites. The activities inside are just so fun and engaging and I am sharing them with you below. If you are interested in learning more about our busy binders and checking out all of the sets we have, you can check out our Busy Binder page for more details.

Ocean Themed Activities

Busy Binder Facts

The Ocean Busy Binder set can be used any time of the year, but is especially fun for summer themed learning. For each busy binder set I create, I aim to include hands on engaging activities that practice many of the early learning skills that our kids need to learn. The great thing about these activity binders, is that they can be used in many different ways. Have a trip coming up? Take along a binder of activities with you to keep them busy and learning. Have a long wait at the doctor or a restaurant? Again, these are great for grabbing and taking with you. Or maybe you just want something to have on hand that you can pull out for those moments throughout the day that the kids are bored or need  some extra practice on a specific skill.

The Ocean Themed Busy Binder set includes 10 activities for preschool and kindergarten and covers the following skills:
  • Labeling
  • Letter Recognition and Formation
  • Numbers and Counting/Ten Frames
  • Shape Matching
  • Colors and Color Words 
  • Numbers & Counting
  • Patterns
  • Rhyming
  • Prewriting/Tracing Practice/Pen Control
  • Classifying and Sorting
The activities in this busy binder are great for binder work or using as individual activities. Many parents and teachers have used them alongside sensory bins and I absolutely love that idea. These are so easy to use in a variety of ways.

Busy Binder Activities

Here is a look at everything included in the Ocean Busy Binder Set.

If you decide to bind them together into a binder or book, I have included a cover page you can use! I have used both binders and Proclick binding spines to bind our busy binders over the years. Both work great. And again, you don't even have to bind them or use Velcro dots. You can use them as individual activities.

Ocean Busy Binder

Children will learn the different parts of a shark, learn new vocabulary terms, and practice labeling a shark.

Label a Shark

Children will identify letters and use bubbles or another small manipulative to form both capital and lowercase letters with this Bubble Letters activity.

Ocean Letters Activity

Count seashells on a ten frame and match them together with the corresponding number with these fun Seashell Ten Frame Puzzles.

Seashell Ten Frame PUzzles

I just love these cute Crab Shapes. Children will match the shapes to the shape crab on the mat.  

Crab Shapes

For the Seashell Color Match activity, children will match the colored seashells to the matching color word seashell outline on the activity mat.

Seashell Color and Color Word Matching

Children will count out schools of fish. Use the included fish pictures or use fish crackers or another small manipulatives to practice counting quantities to 10.

Counting Fish Ocean Activity

Shark Teeth Patterns is one of my favorite activities from the Ocean binder set. I just love this fun shark. children will pick a pattern card and use the included shark teeth or something like playdough to create the pattern in the sharks mouth.

Shark Teeth Patterns

I had a vision for this activity and I am so glad that I was able to find clipart to make it come to life. For Whale Rhymes, children will match up the picture on the water spray to the picture on the whale that rhymes.

Whale Rhymes

Practice pen control and prewriting skills with this fun Jellyfish Tentacle Trace sheet.

Ocean Prewriting Tracing Lines

Sorting and classifying things into categories is an important early learning skill young learners need to be able to do. Children will sort animals into four different categories for this Animal Sort activity.

Sorting Animals

I am dreaming up a whole ocean themed unit for us to do this summer and cannot wait to use these activities alongside our other things. 

More Busy Binder Information

For more information on our Busy binder activities, be sure to hop over to our Busy Binder landing page! Here you will find information about all of our busy binder themes and catch a sneak peek at themes that will be coming to the shop soon.

Grab Your Copy

Grab your Ocean Themed Busy Binder set and get it prepared for some summer learning now.

Ocean Busy Binder

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