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With the official start of winter just around the corner (it's felt like winter here for weeks), I am busy prepping activities for my two littles who will be spending more time inside this winter. I am excited to use my Winter Busy Binder activities with them and I am sharing them with you below. We use our Busy Binder bundle activities almost daily in some form or another and I wanted to have some themed activities to do throughout the year because, if you know me, I LOVE a good themed activity and so do my kids.

Busy Binder Facts

My winter themed busy activity binder is perfect for the after holiday learning when you are trying to get back in a groove.

Winter Themed Busy Binder
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The winter themed busy binder includes 10 activities for preschoolers and kindergartners and covers the following skills:
  • Labeling
  • Capital and Lowercase letter Matching
  • Tally Marks
  • Counting + Number and Number Word Identification
  • Color Sorting
  • Prewriting Tracing Lines
  • Addition
  • Shape Matching
  • CVC Word Spelling
  • ABC Order     
You can use this for schoolwork, morning basket, quiet time, or for taking along with you when you go on trips or to the doctor's office. You can use them as individual activities or add them to a binder. The possibilities are endless.

Busy Binder Activities

Here is a look at everything included in the Winter Busy Binder.

The busy binder comes with a cover page that you can add to the front of your activity book.

Winter Themed Busy Binder Cover

This Dressing for Winter activity is for working on winter clothes vocabulary and for introducing/practicing. Children will pick a winter clothes piece, add it to the kid, and then find the matching label and add it to the box.

Practice matching and labeling different winter clothing items and introduce and practice key winter clothing vocabulary terms.

The CVC Word Snowman Activity is an interactive way to practice spelling CVC words. Children will pick a snowman picture card and add it to the hat on the mat. Then they will use the snowball letters to spell out the word on the hat.

Practice spelling CVC words with this fun Build A Snowman Activity perfect for preschool and kindergarten.

Children will match capital letter snow "bricks" to the lowercase letter on this Snow Fort Letter Match activity.

Build a snowfort with this fun interactive letter matching activity where students match the capital letter to the lowercase letter

For the Counting Penguins activity, children will need to identify the number and number word on the side of the mat and then will use penguins to count out the corresponding number on the iceberg. Numbers 0-10 are included in this theme.

For the Snowflake Shape Match activity, children will be matching shapes to the inside of shape snowflakes. Each of the snowflakes on the page are a different shape on the inside. 

Practice matching 2D shapes with snowflake shapes with this hands on interactive shape matching activity

My kids absolutely love putting together number and letter puzzles and creating a scene. For this Winter Wonderland Alphabetical Order Puzzle children will work to put the puzzle in ABC order and create a fun Winter Scene. 

Put together a fun winter wonderland scene with this alphabetical order puzzle

We are working on adding for Math with my kindergartener and while she is really good at mental math and has many of her math facts memorized, I do love having her stop and use manipulatives to work them out as she often discovers so many number relationships when she does. Those ah-ha moments are so awesome. For the Mitten Addition Activity, children will pick a numbers (color coded) and place them in the boxes at the top of the mat and then they will use corresponding colored snowflakes to work out the problem and find the solution. This activity includes sums to 20.

Use snowflake maniuplatives to form and solve simple addition problems with sums to 20.

The Catching Snowflakes activity, includes two different versions so this can be differentiated. Choose from mats with the color words already colored for you, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers still working on their colors, and mats with the color words black and white, perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners working on identifying their color words. Children will sort colored snowflakes onto the correct mitten.

Sort snowflakes by color/by color word

I absolutely loved these Tally mark Snowmen when I saw them. Children will have to count the tally marks and match the correct number in the box for the Snowman Tallies activity. Tally marks representing numbers 0-10 are included.

Practice using and identifying tally mark quantities

My little guy loves the tracing pages from our Busy Binder Bundle, so I knew I had to include some in our Winter Busy Binder set. And when I saw this adorable clipart from Whimsy Clips I knew exactly what I was going to use if for. Children will use a dry erase marker to trace the lines on the page from left to right to complete the Snowball Fight Tracing activity.

Use these sheets to practice tracing lines, a valuable prewriting skill

I am so excited to start using these activities with the kids after Christmas. I had so much fun creating them and they have already been asking to dive in which makes my mommy/teacher/creator heart happy. 

More Busy Binder Information

You can check out more information on how you can use and set up your busy binder over on our Busy Binder landing page. Here you will find information about ALL of our busy binder sets we have and all those that will be posted in the coming months.

For our Winter Busy Binder, I chose to use thinner Velcro and used my Proclick Binding machine to bind it together instead of actual binders. Our original Busy Binder bundle I used 1 inch binders. The great thing about these is that you can do what works best for YOU and YOUR NEEDS. You may even have another way that you find works better and that is great too. I would love to see how you put yours together.

Grab Your Copy

If you are ready to get started with your very own Winter Busy Binder, you can grab your digital copy from our shop by clicking on the picture below. Print, prep, and have it ready to go for Winter learning fun!!!!

Winter themed activity binder for preschool and kindergarten that works on skills like letter matching, shape matching, color sorting, ABC order, tally marks, counting and number identification, addition, prewriting, labeling, and spelling cvc words.

Thank you all so much for all of your support. It truly means so much to my family!!!! Happy Learning!!!!

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