Fire Safety Centers for Preschool and Kindergarten

Fire Safety Center Activities for little learners

October is here and the leaves are changing and the temperatures are starting to turn cooler (well in some parts of the country they are haha.) With the start of a new month comes all new themes to look forward to. One of the fantastic themes we get to learn about during October has a whole week devoted to it, Fire Safety Week.  Fire safety is an important topic to cover with all children and I am definitely glad there is a week devoted to learning all about fire safety.

I absolutely love a good theme and love incorporating that theme into all of our learning. Today I am going to share with you all about my Fire Safety themed center activities for preschool and kindergarten. These centers can be used alongside my Fire Safety Thematic unit and any of your other Fire Safety themed learning for the week.

Fire Safety Center Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

These fire safety centers can be found in my Fire Safety Centers pack and includes 19 different math and literacy activities for your children and students to complete and many of the activities include several different ways you can use the same activity, making the center possibilities more than twenty different activities.

Fire Safety Literacy Centers

Sorting sentences, letters, and words with a fire safety theme

Children need to be able to understand concepts of print and word. This center activity helps students to identify the different between a letter, a word, and a sentence. Students will sort the firefighter cards beside the correct firetruck. When doing this activity with my daughter, I had her explain that sentences are made up of words and words are made up of letters each time she sorted a card in order to further help her to remember the difference between the three. 

Fire Safety beginning sound literacy activity 

Students will use a clothespin to clip the picture that begins with the letter/sound on the alarm on the left side of the card. 

Matching CVC words and pictures together
Students give the firefighter his hat by matching the CVC word on the dog card to the matching picture on the helmet.

Firefighter labeling activity for fire safety week

I absolutely love incorporating labeling activities into a theme and it is a fantastic activity for writing and vocabulary. This center/activity includes a firefighter labeling poster, a coloring page, and then two different labeling activity sheets. 

Students can use these fire and fire extinguisher alphabet cards in many different ways. Students can match capital to capital letters, lowercase to lowercase letters, or capital to capital letters. They may also be used in a sand tray, sensory bin and more. I give several different ideas for their use on the directions page in the pack. 

 Practice tracing capital and lowercase letters

Students will use these recording sheets as an extension of the letter matching activity above or these can also be used as stand alone practice with letter formation. 

Students will helper Cooper the Fire Dog make his way to the fire truck by tracing or writing letters on the lines. 

These prewriting tracing cards are perfect for preschoolers learning to writing. I laminated our set and my little guy used a dry erase marker to trace the lines to put out the fire. As he was drawing he was making the firetruck siren noise and made a water sound when he finally got to the flame and put it out. It was so cute and made this activity even more fun for him. 

For this activity, students will need to find the missing tire to make a rhyming pair of tires so the fire trucks can go out and fight fires. I added Velcro dots to the tire and tire pieces, but you could also just have students lay the pieces on the cards. 

Hands On Preprimer and Primer sight word spelling

Students will practice spelling pre-primer and primer sight words with this fun "Put out the Flames" sight word spelling activity. Cards are included for all of the pre-primer and primer sight words, as well as all of the letters you need to spell out each of the words. They will pick a sight word, identify the word, add it to the fire extinguisher, and then use the water droplet letters to spell out the sight word. 

Identifying the syllables in words can be a tricky concept for young learners to grasp. The more they practice, the easier it is for them to identify. Students will work to identify the syllables of the words on the water droplet cards and then they will sort it onto the correct flame to "put out the flames."

Letter matching activity similar to dominoes

This activity has a similar setup to dominoes. Students will work to form one long ladder by matching the letters together, in alphabetical order. 

Fire Safety Math Centers

Fire Safety Themed counting puzzles

Counting puzzles are always a huge hit with students, and my own little ones. They work on counting, number recognition, counting on, puzzle skills, and patience. The puzzles for this pack include numbers 0-10 and 11-20. 

Practice subitizing and number recognition with this fun flip and cover numbers activity

Students will work on subitizing, number recognition, and work with ten frames for this activity. The ten frame cards are flipped over, one at a time, and then students will use a manipulative of some sort to cover the number on the mat. There are two different mats included (0-10 and 0-20) to allow for differentiation in the classroom. 

Race to the Top of the Ladder Counting Activity
This activity is a two player activity. Students will take turns roll a die or dice and moving their little firefighter up the ladder until they reach the top. The first one to the top is the winner. 

These counting on ladders come with two different levels. One level has several numbers on the ladder filled in and you have to count on and fill in the missing number. The other level has only the very first number on the card, and students have to fill in all of the other missing numbers. For this one, I laminated the cards and then filled in the missing numbers with a dry erase marker. 

Counting mats for fire safety week

Cooper the fire dog has lost all of his spots and needs help finding them. These spot counting mats can be used with any black manipulative and help students to practice counting to a specific number. Cards are included up to 20. 

Fire Safety pattern Strips

Students will fill in the next object to extend the patterns one each of the cards. You can have this so that each of the pieces are attached to clothespins (excellent fine motor) or use Velcro dots on the back , or simply just lay each of the pieces in the blank space at the end of each strip. 
Shape Dominoes

These are similar to the ladder domino letter cards above, but this time students will work to match the shapes together to form one long ladder for the firefighters to climb up.

You can check out these fire safety activities in my TPT shop by clicking the picture below.

Fire Safety Literacy and Math Centers for Preschool and Kindergarten

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