Dinosaur Themed Busy Book Activities for Kids

I feel like it's a given that at some point in a child's life they go through a dinosaur stage. At times it may feel like they live and breath dinosaurs because it's all they play with and talk about. I always love tapping into my kids interests. I'm not sure the fascination with dinosaurs will ever dwindle with my kids. They love pulling out our Dinosaur Busy Book activities any chance they can get. It's one of their favorite Busy Books sets from our collection.

Dinosaur Busy Book Activities

This set includes activities suitable for preschool through first/second grade and can be used for morning time, early finisher activities, alongside your school word, in the car, on trips...the possibilities are numerous. 

Dinosaur Themed Busy BOok Activities for Kids

How to Set Up

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There are many ways to set up the Busy book activities. You can choose to give your child one activity at a time or you can add them to a binder or bind them with something like the Proclick binding spines. I like to laminate all of the pages and pieces to make them durable and then you may also choose to use velcro dots on the pages or you can use them without. I personally find it easier for small hands to manipulate the pieces if they have Velcro dots on them. 

Level 1 Dinosaur Activity Pages

Dinosaur Themed Activities For Kids Level 1

CVC Egg Words

CVC spelling Dinosaur Activity

Children will use dinosaur eggs with letters on them to spell out CVC words on the dinosaur word mat.

Dino Egg Counting 

Dino Egg Counting Ten Frame Activity

Students will use the ten and twenty frame mats to practice counting numbers through 20. 

Fossil Shapes Sort

 Dinosaur Themed Shape Sorting 2d and 3D Shapes

This activity practice differentiating between 2D shapes and 3d shapes. Children will sort the dinosaur fossils into the correct category based on the shape on the card. 

Count & Match Dinos

Students will count the number of dinosaurs and draw a line from the dinosaurs to the number on the right hand side of the page. Children will then trace the number. 

Addition Dinosaur Puzzles

Dinosaur Addition Puzzles

This Dino Solve It Puzzles activity practice solving addition problems and finding the matching dinosaur parts. Once completed, each puzzle forms a whole dinosaur. The answers to each of the addition problems are on each part of the dinosaur.

Color Word Dinosaur Foot Match

Children will practice reading color words and matching the corresponding colored dinosaurs footprint to the word. 

Capital and Lowercase Letter Match

The dino bone letter match activity has children identifying capital letters and then finding the matching lowercase letter to create the whole bone.

Missing Numbers Dinosaur Footprints

With this activity, children will use a dry erase marker to fill in the missing numbers on the footprints. This practices before and after numbers and counting in a sequence. 

Dinosaur Stripes Counting

For this activity, children will count the number of stripes on the back of each dinosaur and then find the corresponding number and place it in the box below each dinosaur. 

Dino Tracks Tracing-Prewriting Sheet

Dino Tracking Tracing Prewriting Activity

This Dinosaur Tracks tracing activity can be done in several different ways. Children can use a dry erase marker to trace the line to practice prewriting or you can use playdough and trace the line and then have the children walk a toy dinosaur along the playdough to leave behind tracks. This activity works on left to write progression which is an important skill for learning to read and write.

Level 2 Dinosaur Activity Pages

Dinosaur Themed Printable Busy Book Activities for Kids Level 2

Telling Time With Dinosaurs

Telling Time Dinosaur Themed Activities

Learning how to tell time on both and analog and digital clock is very important. This activity has children practicing both. Children will choose an hour and minute time card and place them in the box at the bottom of the sheet. They will identify the time and then use a dry erase marker to create the time on the analog clock at the top. 

Count & Compare

Counting and comparing is an important early math skill. These cute dinosaur heads are so fun and helpful. My kids love that he "eats the bigger amount." Children will pick two different cards and place them in the box and will then use the correct dinosaur head to show the comparison. 

Base Ten Blocks

For this activity, children will identify how many base ten blocks are listed and then they will find the corresponding number card and place it in the box and write the number in the box below each set of base ten blocks.

Dino Dig Spelling Practice

This activity can be done in several different ways. Children can pick a picture card and place it in the box at the top of the mat. They can use a dry erase marker to spell the word on the bottom of the page. You could also lay down some sand on the bottom of the mat and children can use their finger or a writing utensil to to "write" the word in the sand. 

Base Ten Fossils

Base 10 fossils practices identifying numbers and then making the number with base 10 blocks. The base 10 blocks for this activity look like fossils. 

Even & Odd Dino Eggs Sort

Children will sort even and odd numbers onto the correct side of the mat. Even numbers can be evenly divided into two equal groups and odd numbers cannot...they will have an extra left over. Even numbers end in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and odd numbers end in 1, 3, 5,7, 9. 

Sentence Sorting & Fixing Errors

This activity page has several parts. Children will read sentences and determine if they are written correctly or if they have mistakes and they will sort them into the correct columns. Children will then take the sentences with mistakes and write them correctly at the bottom of the page. 

Skip Counting By 2s Dino Tracks

Children will practice skip counting by twos by placing the dinosaur number tracks in order. 

Sounds of -ed sort

The ending -ed makes three different sounds in words. It sounds like /ed/, /d/, and /t/. Children will read words on dinosaur eggs and determine whether -ed makes one of those three sounds and place it next to the correct dinosaur. 

Dinosaur Busy Book

Grab the complete set of 20 dinosaur busy book activities from one of our shops below. 

Dinosaur Busy Book Activities for Kids

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