Dinosaur Learning Activities Pack

Hands on Dinosaur Learning Activities Pack

We love hands on learning and our activity packs are the perfect mix of fun and learning for little ones. In addition to our play based preschool curriculum activities, we like to have some extras on hand for our off days and for those moments that Little Miss 3 is asking for activities and mama just doesn’t have any more for the day because we have done a week’s worth in a day. Sound familiar to anyone else? My sweet girl loves her some activities.

Our learning packs touch on many different early learning skills and makes learning fun and hands on for kids. Each of our preschool themes has and will include a learning pack to be used alongside our play based activities.

Hands on Dinosaur Learning Activities Pack

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Here is a peek into some of the activities included in our Dinosaur Learning Pack:

Dot Markers are one of the best art inventions ever made. These are seriously a huge hit in our house and every unit we print of numerous dot marker pages. They are an on repeat activity.

Dinosaur Dot Marker Sheets

We used our Safari LTD dinosaur toob figures to do a little prewriting practice by leaving behind some dinosaur tracks and tracing out letters.

Dinosaur Tracks Letter Trace

These mats are great for counting skills. They can be used in so many different ways. We chose to make dinosaur eggs out of playdough, but you can use any manipulative or the provided eggs in the activity pack.

Dinosaur Themed Counting mats

Clip cards a great way to work in some fine motor practice while learning. Our packs include counting and beginning sounds clip cards. Count the objects and clip the correct number with some clothespins.

Dinosaur Counting Clip Cards

Our stegosaurus friend is missing his spikes. Another great fine motor activity. Kids use clothespins with letters on them to match up to the stegosaurus to give him some spikes. Enough cards are provided to have every capital and lowercase letter. You can choose to match capital to capital, lowercase to lowercase or capital to lowercase depending on the level your child is at. A great easily differentiated activity.

Stegosaurus Letter Match Fine Motor Activity

We slide our “What is different?” sheets into page protectors and use dry erase crayons or markers to find the picture that is different. These types of activities are great visual discrimination activities. Our sheets feature differences in size, color, and direction.

Visual Discrimination: Which one is different

Our vocabulary word wall cards can be used in many different ways. We do not have the space to post them up like a word wall so we hole punch them and add them to a binder ring and then hang on a command strip for easy access. We use these cards as vocabulary development, but you can use them for writing practice depending on your child’s development.

Dinosaur Vocabulary Writing Word Wall Cards

According to the Montessori Research and Development foundation Montessori Three-Part Cards refer to card materials that children manipulate in order to internalize the information on the cards. The Montessori Early Childhood Three-Part Card consists of a card with the picture with word label, a card of the picture, and a card with the word label.

Each of our units include thematic 3 part cards. We use them with our pocket chart. We play the control (whole) card in the chart and then match up the words. Little Miss is unable to read, but is great at matching up similar things. Once we match the word, she goes through and finds the picture that matches to complete the 3 part set. You can choose to keep the split card whole and create a simple matching game for your child as well.

Dinosaur 3 Part Cards

So many fun hands on learning activities for little learners. We provide these activity packs for each of our units, past and future. We currently offer them both as individual packs and as a growing bundle. What is a growing bundle you might ask? It’s simple. It’s growing. You buy it now at a 20% discounted price and as a unit is created and posted it will be added to the bundle and you will receive access to it by redownloading. If you think or plan on buying many of our packs the bundle will ultimately get you 3 packs for free by the time we upload all of them as well as give you access to any of the future updates and additional materials added once the bundle is complete.

Dinosaur learning pack

Learning Activities Bundle


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