Dinosaur Snack Ideas + Dinosaur Movie Night

Dinosaur Snack and Food IDeas for Kids

A fun way to incorporate a learning theme into your day is with fun snack and food ideas. My kids are not super picky, but if you want to guarantee that they are going to eat every last bite on their plate, then turn their food into something fun.

Here is a peek into what all we ate during our dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur Themed Snack Ideas for Kids

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Wafflesaurus’ 2 ways: I love taking a peek into our refrigerator or pantry and using items that we have on hand to create these fun meal ideas.

Waffle, grapes, clementines, marshmallows  + a candy eye.

Wafflesaurus: Dinosaur Themed Snack Ideas for Kids

Waffle and bananas + a candy eye

Wafflesaurus: Dinosaur Themed Snack Ideas for Kids

Our dinosaur cookie cutters came in handy many times throughout the unit, especially for our dinosaur quesadillas, dinosaur egg salad sandwiches, and dinosaur chips that we made from spinach tortillas.

Dinosaur Quesadilla: Dinosaur Food IDeas for Kids

Dino Egg Salad Sandwiches: Dinosaur Food IDeas for Kids

Dinosaur Spinach Chips

We couldn’t forget to satisfy the sweet tooth and this pudding and crushed oreo dinosaur “dirt” hit the spot. Top it off with some fun dinosaur figurines and you have the perfect sweet treat.

Dinosaur Dirt Parfait: Dinosaur THemed Food Ideas for Kids

And we let our imaginations take off with these fun snacks: Dinosaur toenails (Bugels), Dinosaur Eggs (grapes), Dinosaur bones (pretzels and marshmallows) and Dinosaur Spikes (watermelon).

Dinosaur Themed Food IDeas for Kids: Dinosaur Claws, Dinosaur Bones, Dinosaur Eggs, Dinosaur Spikes

All these fun snacks and food ideas made our dinosaur unit even more fun and many of these ideas made an appearance at our Dinosaur themed movie night. We started this “tradition” at the end of our Weather unit and plan to keep it going as a culminating activity for each of our themes.

Dinosaur Family Movie Night

We watched The Land Before Time and dined on some fun foods featured above. The kids had me take pictures of them in front of our display wearing their paleontologist hats. They love our movie nights and we cannot wait for future movie nights.


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