Dinosaur Themed Family Movie Night

We love having themed family movie nights. To finish off our Dinosaur Preschool Unit and to kick off our new homeschool year, we had a Dinosaur Themed Family Movie night. You can get more ideas for a themed movie night from the one we had three years ago at the close of our summer long study. 

Dinosaur Family Movie Night

We watched The Good Dinosaur, finished a few of our Dinosaur crafts, and dined on some dinosaur themed foods. 


The kids were ecstatic from the time they woke up. They just couldn't wait to get started with our movie day. Everything ended up being super low key, but you would have thought it was Christmas. I just love seeing them so excited about simple little things. They are pure joy!!! 

I used plates and napkins I already had from my party bin, added some dinosaur toys, and a book for decoration, and quickly put together some food tents to add some more dinosaur fun. 

Dino Family Movie Night

Our Dinosaur themed food menu was Dinosaur Nuggets, Dinosaur Eggs, Stegosaurus Spikes, Herbivore Veggies, Dinosaur Bones, and Fossil Cookies. 

Dino Family Movie Night
Dino Family Movie Night-Dinosaur NuggetsDino Family Movie Night-Dinosaur Eggs and Dinosaur Bones
Dino Family Movie Night-Dinosaur ScalesDino Family Movie Night-Stegosaurus Spikes Dino Family Movie Night-Fossil CookiesDino Family Movie Night-Herbivore Snacks

So tell me, do you do family movie nights?

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