Dinosaur Books for Kids

Dinosaur Themed Books for Kids

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love books? You never have to ask me twice when it comes to books. We love utilizing our library to find them to fit our theme and we may have checked out every dinosaur book out of our library and requested some from other libraries. Guilty as charged.

Dinosaur Themed Books for Kids

Here is a look at some of the books we read during our dinosaur unit.


Can You See What I See Dinosaurs by Walter Wick || The is an adorable little I spy board book with a hint of rhyme on every page. Each page has a couple things that little ones have to find in the picture on the adjacent page. It is perfect for babies and toddlers and was well loved by both of my kids.


Dinosaur Babies by Leonie Bennett || This is a great nonfiction book that gives some important facts about different dinosaur babies and provides great realistic pictures on every page.


Amazing Dinosaur Facts by Leonie Bennett || This is a great nonfiction book that gives facts about all of the different dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton || Once upon a time there were dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes and with many different characteristics and Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs walks you through in this simple to read story. I absolutely love the pictures in this book. The colors all stand out in their own way and make the necessary parts pop.


Buying Training & Caring for Your Dinosaur by Laura Joy Rennert || This book was a fun read; however, was rather long for toddlers and preschoolers to sit through in one sitting. We ended up breaking it up into parts and it made it more enjoyable. My little lady thought it was so fun the things that you would have to do in order to bring home a dinosaur as a pet. She decided that maybe she needed to wait until she as older because “I too little for that much stuff to do mommy.”


The Berenstain Bears Dinosaur Dig by Jan Berenstain || The Berenstain Bear family take a trip to a museum after Brother and Sister take an interest in dinosaurs. They see an actual dinosaur site an fall in love with dinosaurs even more. Dinosaurs take over their house, much like dinosaurs have the past few weeks here at our house.


Dinosaur Dig by Penny Dale || To say my little ones, especially my little guy, loved this book would be an understatement. Dinosaurs and diggers are a few of their favorite things and this book combined them both. Not to mention the fun counting throughout the entire book and it was an instant hit.


One More Dino on the Floor by Kelly Starling Lyons || This is a fun counting/addition book with a fun rhyme. The repetitive rhyme had my little lady joining with with ‘reading” the story. It was such a fun introduction to  addition as we broke out our mini dinosaur figurines and added one more dinosaur with each dinosaur that joins the dance floor.

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Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton || From dinosaur dig site to museum, several paleontologists go through the process of digging, wrapping, and transporting them to a museum when the dinosaurs are created and turned into amazing skeletons for others to see.


Dinosaur Roar by Henrietta and Paul Strickland || This is book was a favorite of kids. The simple text and pictures made way for Little Miss to help “read” it with me as I read. It is the perfect book for talking about antonyms/opposites.  My favorite part? The simple rhyme.


Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner || I love the pictures and the way this book is laid out. It has large text that helps tell as simple story about dinosaurs long ago, and then on many pages it gives some further information that helps develop the story even further. What I loved most about this book was that you could just read the “big” text across the pages and it was a stand alone story.


The Dinosaur by Anna Milbourne ||This book takes the reader into the prehistoric era and walks you through what it was like to be a dinosaur during that time. The pictures in this book are inviting and engaging for little ones. The story itself lent itself to discussing things like herbivores vs carnivores and how some dinosaurs like stegosaurus’ use their tails to fend off predators.


Dinosaur A-Z by Roger Priddy || Who knew there were so many different dinosaurs. This book has excellent pictures of dinosaurs that begin with every letter of the alphabet.


Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs by Catherine D Hughes || This book was full of amazing pictures and information about the different kinds of dinosaurs. National Geographic books never disappoint. My little lady loved using her animal figurines to match them up to the pictures in this book.


If You Happen to Have A Dinosaur by Linda Bailey || Did you know dinosaurs are good can openers, nutcrackers, burglar alarms, and umbrellas? My little ones loved how fun and exciting this book is and were telling me they wanted a dinosaur pet so it could do things for them, but the end of the book. I reassured them the only dinosaurs they were having would be their plastic ones smaller than them. If only there was something in real life that could do all the things for all the people right?

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Stomp Dinosaur Stomp by Margaret Mayo || Dinosaurs love doing all sorts of things and this fun book uses strong repetitive descriptive words to tell us what each of the dinosaurs do. My little one loved joining in as she saw the pattern start to form in the words on each page.


Tea Rex by Molly Schaar Idle || I am sure many little ones have had a tea party at one time or another, pretend or real. But my guess is they have never had a T-Rex join their Tea Party. This is an adorable story about when a T-rex joins a tea party and the craziness that happens because of his size. I absolutely love how the pictures in this book tell so much more than the words and makes great conversation for foreshadowing.


Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems || This is a fun take on the traditional classic story of the 3 little bears. The dinosaurs make their house all nice and tidy and then leave the house and wait around because they just know that some little girl is going to come to their house and check it out.


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