Letter Paleontology 3 Ways: Dinosaur Alphabet Activities

Letter Paleontology

Grab your little paleontologists and some brushes. We are sharing below how you can use one bin of sand and different letter manipulatives to practice identifying letters, sounds, and practicing some sorting and matching while you are doing it.

Letter Puzzle Paleontology: Digging for Letter Activity

For this one all you need is an alphabet puzzle (we used a foam puzzle, but you could easily make your own or use another that you have) and a bin full of sand or dirt.

Start by burying all of the puzzle pieces in the sand. Give your little one a brush (makeup, paint etc) and let them begin digging for letters. When they find one have them say the letter, sound, and then place it where it goes on the puzzle. Seriously as simple as that.

Letter D Capital and Lowercase Letter Sort

This one can be done with any letter of the alphabet, but we chose to do Dd to go along with Dinosaurs. We used the cards in our Dinosaur Learning pack.

I buried them into our Dinosaur dig site bin, but even just a simple sand or dirt bin would work too. Have your little one dig for letters and then have them sort them into capital and lowercase letters.

Bottle Cap Letter Paleontology

I have been colleting water bottle caps for some time now so I had these on hand. Any type of lid will work. I traced 26 bottle caps onto a piece of paper and then wrote the letters of the alphabet on the circles and the lids. I chose to mix up the letters on the page instead of writing them in order since we often see them in order on puzzles and letter lines etc.  and Little Miss 3 had no problem with this.

Bury the bottle caps in your sensory bin and let your little paleontologist search, explore, and match.

Little Miss 3 does not recognize all letters or sounds yet, but after doing this similar activity several times she definitely picked up a few more letters and sounds than she had going into it. She absolutely loved sifting and brushing through the sand searching for letters and took her time all while playing. Good paleontologists take their time and have fun!!!


Letter Paleontology: 3 hands on dinosaur letter activities


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