Baby Must Haves for Cold/Flu Season

We have been bouncing the cold from person to person in our house the last two weeks and there have been several things that I couldn’t live without to get through it with a baby.

Baby Must Haves for Cold and Flu Season: Having a baby or toddler with a cold can be so pitiful, but these handy items can help make your cold experience a little bit better.
There are a few things that we couldn’t have lived without to get through this cold Little Miss has. Mamas, it is downright heartbreaking to see your little babe sick. I am so thankful that we had these items on hand to make it a little bit more manageable for all of us.

Baby Must Haves for Cold and Flu Season: Having a baby or toddler with a cold can be so pitiful, but these handy items can help make your cold experience a little bit better.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier: We kept putting off getting a humidifier for our home, but couldn’t stop complaining every morning about how dried out we felt after waking up. Our thermostat was registering at only 13 percent humidity most days this winter so we knew we had to break down and get some. We got two of these crane drop humidifiers, one for our main living area and one for upstairs near the bedrooms. They came in the day that Little Miss got sick and I am soooo thankful they did. They have helped bring up the humidity in our home in the just the couple days we have had them and it makes breathing and sleeping sooo much better. These humidifiers are visually appealing (we got the plain white one to go with our decor) and are so quiet you have to be super close to them to even realize they make a noise.

Nosefrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator: This is a must have for getting all that horrible snot out of your little ones nose. The bulb syringes like they use in the hospital have nothing on this sucker (pun intended). I LOVE how it doesn’t go up in the baby’s nose so it is not going to injure her nasal passage. Using your own suction, you are able to get a better suction to get all that nasty snot out of their little noses. Little Miss is still not thrilled with the sucking out of her nose, but it is definitely a whole lot less traumatizing than those bulb syringes. The Nosefrida is easy to clean and the blue filter keeps the snot from being sucked back into your mouth. I wasn’t sure how I felt about using my own mouth to suck out Little Miss’ nose, but after using it I am sold. The idea still grosses me out but the relief it gives my baby girl far outweighs the “using your mouth to suck snot out of your baby’s nose” concept.  

Infants Motrin: Little Miss ran a fever the entire first day of her cold and was completely miserable. We gave her Tylenol at first, but it was wearing off way too quickly. I had my husband get us some Baby Motrin at the store and it helped immediately and lasts way longer than the Tylenol. Definite must have in our medicine cabinet for those pesky annoying fevers.

Bibs: You may think that during the teething process that your baby produces gallons of spit, but let me tell you the amount of drool and snot that comes out of a baby’s mouth when they have a cold is phenomenal. Her shirts were instantly soaked and I was tired of getting it all over me so we started throwing bibs on her and let me tell you they are awesome. These Aden + Anais ones are sooo absorbent and last much longer (before soaking through) than any of the other baby bibs we have. We also have some cheap bibs with plastic backing that worked really well for our little one. Changing out the bib several times a day vs her clothes was sooo much easier. They are also soft enough that you can use to wipe baby’s face when they have a collection of snot and drool plastered all over.

Nuby Sippy Cups: We have these Nuby sippy cups and they have been a favorite of ours since Little Miss was 4 months old and just starting to drink water. With all of the liquid coming from her head I wanted to make sure she stayed well hydrated in between her very frequent nursing sessions. Having plenty of sippy cups to fill and switch out so as not to spread germs has been great for us during this cold.

Thermometer: I love this thermometer and how it is super similar to the ones they use at our doctor’s office. We used to have one that was just for the forehead and I felt as though it never gave us a consistent reading. I would have to take several readings and then average them and that was not what I wanted to do. This one is so much better and gives me pretty consistent readings.

Boogie Wipes: These little things are perfect for getting all that snot that comes pouring out of their noses. Wiping can dry make their nose and upper lip area raw and these help to keep it moisturized with all the wiping.

Boogie Mist Spray: Sometimes the snot just didn’t want to come out and I wanted to make sure that I cleared her out at least once a day and this spray really helped. It grossed me out a little bit, but it helped make Little Miss feel better and helped her to breath after using this spray.

In addition to these items, by far the best thing to help get your little one through their colds is lots and lots of cuddles and love. I don’t know if your babe is like mine, but all she wants is her mama and cuddles and I am a-ok with that.

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  1. These are all great!
    I got the NoseFrida this year and it's definitely a game changer! :)