Apple Tot School Theme

We are gearing up for another fun couple of weeks with out Apple Unit. Apples may be one of my most favorite themes so I am really looking forward to the next couple weeks. This post will tell you everything you will need to know to follow along with us.  We will be doing this unit for two weeks and I am so excited for all the fun we will have.  Once again, I have changed things up quite a bit, as I have learned what works best for my daughter and how she likes to do activities. One of the most important things to me is to always follow my little one’s lead and make sure how we do things works for us so we may be constantly tweaking things until they are just right.

DRAMATIC PLAY: Apple Orchard Dramatic Play

An Apple Grows video from Scholastic
This blog post has a link to some awesome youtube videos that are great for your apple unit.

This is a list of all the supplies and resources that you will need to do all of the activities listed in our plans. Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience.

-Tongs: Here, Here, Here
-plastic bottles
-apple oatmeal
-tp tube
-little twig
-picture of your child
-baby bottle or a different type of bottle besides your water bottles
-misc. apple pie related toys (cinnamon, rolling pin etc)

-Apple Cutouts (a part of our plans below)
-Letter & Number Cards (a part of our plans below)
-Stop & Go Signs (a part of our plans below)
-Apple Tree Dot Page (a part of our plans below)

Below you will find a pdf that will give all the information you need to follow along with us during our apple unit. Our “lesson” plans, tiny tot activities, circle time activities, rhymes and song posters, a couple printable activities and more are included in the pdf. You can download the pack below.


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