Fork Painted Paper Plate Chick Craft

Paper Plate Fork Painted Chick Craft

I’m a sucker for paper plate crafts and absolutely love giving the kids non traditional painting utensils. This Fork Painted paper plate chick craft was the perfect combination of these two and a great addition to our Easter festivities.

Paper Plate Fork Painted Chick Craft-A great spring or Easter craft idea.

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-Paper Plate

-Fork-We use plastic to make it easy easy clean up as possible

-Yellow paint

-google eyes

-paper for beak and feet


This is one of those, give the kids all the supplies and let them go to town while you finish dinner or catch a breather, type of activities. I simply set out some yellow paint on a paint plate, gave Little Miss a fork, and modeled exactly what she was going to do with the fork and then I simply walked away to work on dinner and came back to a fun fork painted plate (plus a little splatter all over the table from an overzealous 3 year old haha) Once it dried from the mounds of paint that was added to it, Little Miss got our her new favorite art supply-GLUE- and added some googly eyes, a beak, and legs that I had cut out for her.

Fork Painted Chick

Fork Painted Chick

Fork Painted Chick

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