Weather Themed Snack Ideas


One of my favorite parts of thematic units is creating fun food and snacks to go along with the theme. The kids just eat it up (pun intended). My kids are pretty good about eating all of their food, but they most certainly eat it all if I make it into fun shapes and have it go along with our theme.

Here is a look at some of the fun food and snack ideas we created and ate during our weather theme.

Weather Themed Snacks and Food IDeas for kids

This banana and blueberry rain cloud was by far the most favorite snack and we repeated it numerous times throughout the unit.

Rain Cloud Snack Idea

We didn’t see too many sunny days this month, but we tried to make the best of it and these fun sun snacks did the trick. Little Man dined on pretzel, cracker, and popcorn suns, while Little Miss enjoyed cracker and carrot suns.

Weather Themed Snack: Sun Snack

Weather Themed Snack: Sun Snack

Stormy days call for storm cloud sandwiches complete with blueberry rain and cheese lightening strike.

Weather Themed Snack: Storm Cloud

Rainbow day brought with it Fruity Pebble and yogurt parfaits.

Fruity Pebble Yogurt Parfait

Another rainy day delight. Marshmallow and raisin rain clouds.

Marshmallow and raisin rain cloud

Jello and Whipped Cream Clouds were a huge hit. Now you may be asking what that craziness in the middle is. Well Mr. Mac-n-Taters decided his cloud parfait was going to meet “tornado” and he mixed it all up. Who said adults couldn’t have fun with their food right?

Cloud and Jello Parfait

And a rainy day breakfast platter (no joke it felt like it rained all month long) Waffle cloud, blueberry rain, and a yogurt rain puddle tinted blue.

WEather themed breakfast idea: Waffle, blueberry and yogurt

The thing that I love most about making fun thematic foods is being able to get creative with the foods you have on hand. Many of these were thrown together before food went bad. The kids seriously love these fun snacks and it gives me more reason to put them together.


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