Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids 2018

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

Easter is just around the corner and I am excited to share a peek into our Easter basket gifts this year.

When purchasing gifts for any holiday or birthday we seek to find things that are open ended, useful, and can grow with our kiddos. We also do not buy our kids things throughout the year other than at birthdays, Christmas, and Easter, with an occasional exception for an awesome yard sale find here or there, and even then I typically save those for holiday presents most of the time, so gift giving and getting is something truly special for all of us.  If we run out of something (playdough, markers, etc.) close to a holiday, I will also wait and add them to the gift which is the case with a couple items in this year’s basket.

I am also a bargain shopper so I try to get the most bang for my buck and watch out for deals ALL. YEAR. LONG. The one corner of my closet is devoted solely to gifts for my own kids, as well as friends.

So what’s in our baskets you ask? Check out the list below. These are all affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase something via the links at no extra cost to you.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids: Perfect for the creative kids and montessori children.

So this year we are doing a together basket, as well as two separate baskets for Little Miss 4 and Little Man 2.  We chose to do a together basket this year because we found an amazing deal on some Picasso Tiles to add to our collection and we needed some kid sized baking and cooking supplies for our kitchen, but didn’t need two sets of everything.


Picasso Tiles || If I had to pick only one toy to ever get my kids Picasso Tiles hands down would win. My kids got their first set for Christmas and a couple months ago there was a crazy awesome deal on this even bigger set and I just knew we had to expand our collection so I snagged it right up. These get used several times daily and my kids are always finding new ways to play with them.

Montessori Friendly Kitchen Utensils for Kids || Our kids are always helping me in the kitchen and providing them with their own kid sized utensils has been very important to me. I want them to be successful in the kitchen and giving them utensils that they can easily manipulate is key to kitchen success.

Whisk || Mini Rolling Pins || Kid Sized Oven Mits || Nylon Knives || Measuring Spoons || Measuring Cups ||  Pouring Pitcher Large || Pouring Pitcher Small || Spoons & Spatulas (we got ours from Walmart)

I love how the measuring spoons and cups are color coded. This will make it easier for them to help and be more independent when measuring ingredients for recipes. Since they are not able to read yet, I can simply say we need 2 green cups of flour or 1 red spoon of salt and they will be able to do so independently since they know colors and numbers.

Dot Markers || We currently have the regular rainbow set, but need to add some colors to our collection so we are adding these ones from the Brilliant collection to our art cart. These are a favorite of both Little Miss 4 and Little Man 2 and we use them for everything.

Markers || Markers are THE go to writing instrument around here and our set has started to dwindle from use and the occasional forgotten lid so we needed to stock up. This 40 pack of Crayola WASHABLE markers will hopefully last us a while. One tip: make sure your markers are WASHABLE because accidents do happen and sometimes walls do become art canvases. One swipe of a baby wipe and my walls are wiped clean. Phew.

Playdough || Over the last year, but especially the last couple of months, the kids have taken a HUGE interest in playdough. This is another daily activity in our house.After a year of hard core playing, and color mixing (insert mama panic attack haha) and occasional missed lids, our playdough selection is getting pretty sad and needs replaced. I snagged this set a couple months ago on crazy deal and I just keep hoping to limp our last few containers along until Easter or we might have to break this out sooner than Easter.


Puzzles || Both kids absolutely LOVE puzzles, but the ones we have they are quickly outgrowing and we need to add more to our collection. I recently stumbled upon Ravensburger puzzles on Amazon for Little Miss 4 and I am absolutely obsessed. They are beautiful and I love how they have so many realistic designs. We got this adorable New Neighbors one for Little Miss.  We are also big Melissa and Doug Fans so I snagged this World of Bugs 60 piece puzzle. The designs on these two puzzles are just gorgeous. For Little Man 2 we snagged these train and firetruck peg puzzles as he has been obsessed with this set.

Swimsuits || We always add the kids swim suit for the year into their basket. I snag ours from yard sales throughout the year and put them back, but I am loving this adorable flamingo rash guard for little girls and this “jawsomely” cute shark rash guard for little boys.

We will also be throwing in some cute sunglasses , a pack of some turkey sticks we have been getting from the store that the kids absolutely love, and an Easter book that has yet to be determined.

I can’t wait to see the joy on my kids faces Easter morning.

What is going in your little ones baskets or any personal favorite Easter books? Share them below.

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  1. The swimsuit idea is so cute!! I'll have to keep that in mind for next year because we have this years' already. We always try to find a good Easter book each year and some of their favorite snacks. I think this year we'll probably include some Mr. Potato Head sets (they've really gotten more interested in that this year and we realized we have one potato at our house and only a few accessories haha!) or maybe some of those small bagged Lego sets. I try to find something that will fit inside some eggs too because that's always fun....could be goldfish or chocolate or a small toy or something.