Coin and Money Activities and Printables

When I was in the classroom one of the things my students always needed some extra practice with were identifying coins and their names and values. 10 years ago I created a Coin/Money unit for my students and now 10 years later, I find myself pulling it out for my little guy to get him some extra practice identifying coins, coin names, and coin values. These coin and money activities are perfect for math centers or just extra money skill practice. 

Coin and Money Printables 

Coin Money Unit printable activities for kindergarten and first grade

This unit is perfect for kindergarten, first, and second grade and focuses on identifying coins, coin names, and the value of coins. 

There is a wide variety of activities included.

  • Coin Posters (Half-Dollar, Quarter, Dime, Nickel, Penny, All Coins)
  • Coin Puzzles
  • Coin Matching Cards with coordinating Recording sheet
  • How Much Is It Worth Level 1 (matching cards + recording sheet which can stand alone as a worksheet)
  • How Much Is It Worth Level 2 (matching cards + recording sheet which can stand alone as a worksheet)
  • Match the Coins Worksheets (2 versions with both in color and black and white)
  • Spin and Dot a Coin Values
  • Spin and Write Coin Names
  • Roll a Coin
  • Coin Sorting Mat
  • 2 Coin Fluency Mats

Coin Posters

There is one poster for each of the 5 different coins: penny, nickel, dime, quarters, and half-dollar, and then one poster that includes the front and backs of all of the coins. Each coin poster features the front and back of the coin and three different ways to write the value of the coin. 

Print these on cardstock or print on regular paper and laminate for durability and then display them in your home or classroom. 

Coin Money Posters

Money Puzzles

The money puzzles can be cut apart and mixed up and then students will work to put the puzzles together, matching up a picture of the coin, coin name, or coin worth together. There are numerous puzzles for each coin that can be mixed and matched together. 

Coin Money Puzzles

Coin Matching Cards

This activity can be used in a variety of different ways. Each coin has six different cards (3 matches) that can be made as well as a recording sheet. Students are to match the picture card with the card that shows how much it is worth. The three matching pairs include the three different ways you can write the value of each coin. The recording sheet can be use alongside the matching cards or can be used separately. Once children have matched the cards they can record the three ways to write the value of each coin in the boxes above the word. 

Coin Matching

How Much Is It Worth?

This activity includes two different levels, one with the half-dollar and one without the half dollar. Students will match the card with the coins (has a number) with the card that shows how much it's worth. The student will then go to the recording sheet, find the number on the sheet and record the worth in the box. Again, this recording sheet can be used separately.

How Much is it Worth Money Activity

Match the Coins

This cut and paste money activity is available in two different versions, one where students match the coin to the value and one where they match the coin to the name. Children will cut apart the front and back coin pictures and glue them in the appropriate box on the sheet. 

Match the Coins Cut and Paste Activity

Spinner Activities

(The spinner and dot marker links include Amazon Affiliate links for your convenience, so that you can find and reference the materials easily and quickly. This just means that my blog receives a tiny compensation if you click on these links- at no extra charge to you.)

My kids absolutely love activities that include a spinner and the money unit includes several. The first activity included is a Spin and Write Coin names activity. We use these dot marker. to quickly create spinner activities and I love them. To complete the activity you simply spin the spinner, identify the coin it lands on, find it on the recording sheet and write the name of the coin above the correct coin on the table (and yes I spelled nickel wrong when I wrote it and didn't realize until after I took the picture oops)

Spin a Coin Write the Coin Name Activity

The second spinner activity also uses dot markers, another favorite for my kids.Children will spin the spinner, identify the coin name and value and then find that value on the sheet and dot it with a dot marker.

Spin and Dot Coin Values

Dice Activities

Dice activities are equally exciting in our house so I included some in the money unit.  Students will roll a dice, identify the number on the dice, find the corresponding dice picture on the sheet, identify the name/value of the coin and color it it. They will continue until all of the coins are filled in.

Coin Sorting Mat

Sorting coins is a valuable skill and allows children the opportunity to feel and see the different sides of the coins as they sort according to their kind. For this activity, I simply printed the mat on cardstock, but for prolonged use I would suggest laminating it so it holds up. Give the kids some coins and have them sort by coin name. 

Coin Sorting Mat

Coin Name Fluency

We regularly doing dice fluency activities for some of our language arts skills and it has always been well received by my kids so I added some dice coin fluency mats into the pack when I gave it an update and it's been one of my little guy's favorite things. You roll a dice, identify the number on the dice, find it on the sheet and then you read left to write the name or value of the coin in that line and then repeat. It really helps with automaticity of coin names and values. 

Coin Name Fluency

Grab Your Coin Money Unit

You can grab all these activities in my Coin Money Unit in my shop. If you have previously bought it and would like to get the updates be sure to redownload from your Purchases :) 

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