Teaching About Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a U.S holiday set aside to honor the men and women who have served in the military. Veterans day is observed on November 11th every year.  All across the country, parades and celebrations will take place to honor the men and women who have served in all branches of the military. As we head toward the weekend, I have been going through and teaching my two children all about what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate it. The brave men and women who have fought for our country or who have said yes to joining the military to protect our freedoms deserve to be celebrated and I personally want my children to know what and why we do so. Using fun and engaging resources like my Veterans Day Thematic Unit Pack and my Veterans Day Flip book  to log information help make learning fun. 

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Veterans Day Unit Study Resources-A collage of printable Veterans Day resources for homeschool or classroom students

Why use flip books? 

I love using flip books as a way to log information learned and my kids love them too. Each book I make comes in two different versions: one with pre-written text and places to fill in and one withe blank pages. This allows for differentiation for different aged children and makes this resource versatile for many grade levels. If you couldn't get to anything else besides reading a few books and writing down facts learned, a flip book is the way to go. 
Veterans Day Flip Book Activity-A printable flip book activity to log Veterans Day informationVeterans Day Nonfiction Book & Reader- a color nonfiction book about Veterans day with a printable student reader they can color
Grab some Veterans Day books from the library or use the nonfiction text resource in my Veterans Day Thematic Unit, do some research on Veterans Day and then use the Veterans Day Flip book to log what you learned. Not only it is a simply and efficient way to log understand, but it's quick and simple to put together. Simply cut out each page, lay them on top of one another in order, and staple at the top. Easy peasy. 

Diving Deeper Into Veterans Day

Whether you are planning to spend a week studying the origins of Veterans Day and why we celebrate or you are only spending a few days, having quality resources to teach and use are a must. In my Veterans Day Thematic Unit, you will find over 80 pages of learning resources that are perfect for your homeschool or classroom students. Not only will you be learning about Veterans Day, but you will be doing so across the subjects. Writing, Social studies, math & more. 

Veterans Day Writing Prompts

Veterans Day Writing Prompts-3 printable writing prompts for Veterans day
Incorporating writing into your unit studies is a wonderful way to promote cross curricular integration. The writing prompts included in the Veterans Day unit include "What is freedom?", "What is Veterans Day?" and "What does it mean to be brave?"

Veterans Day Dear Veterans Letters

Veterans Day Letter Templates & Veteran Interview

The Veterans Day Unit pack includes a sheet that you can use to interview a veteran. Children can do this on their own or you could make it a class project. Use the Dear Veteran letter sheets to write letters to veterans. There is one sheet for each of the 5 major branches of the military.

Veterans Day Printable Worksheets

Veterans Day Printables & Graphic Organizers

When researching or learning about any topic, it is always nice to have graphic organizers and worksheets to record the information you are learning.

Veterans Day KWL Worksheets

Veterans Day KWL Printable Worksheets

Before and after starting any thematic unit study, I have my kids fill out KWL charts. Before learning we discuss what they already know about the topic and what they wonder or want to know. After we have completed the unit study, we fill in the what we learned portion. When we are actively learning and studying our topic we work to answer the "I wonder" questions the kids have written down.

Veterans Day Labeling Activities

Veterans Day Labeling Posters & Activities

Labeling activities promote early reading readiness and promote vocabulary development. The labeling activities I include in my Thematic Units always include a colored poster, a black and white poster (perfect for coloring pages) and 3 differentiated versions of the labeling activity sheets. 

Veterans Day Nonfiction

Veterans Day Book, Student Reader, Posters & Vocabulary Cards
When studying any topic, I love to research and write my own nonfiction text to use with my children. Our local library is not very big and never has very many options to use for researching common topics. Its impossible to buy everything for every subject or topic we study, so I started writing my own to have at least one nonfiction text we can turn too. I use my proclick binding machine with reusable spines to bind my books after printing on cardstock. We tuck the nonfiction texts on our bookshelf just like our purchased books. My kids love to have their own booklet so my Nonfiction text resources always include a student reader that follows the exact text of the colored book and is in black and white so the children can color it when you are done. The Veterans Day unit also includes military branch posters and vocabulary cards complete with real-life pictures to use to discuss key vocabulary during your unit.

Veterans Day Unit Study & Flip Book

Grab the Veterans Day Thematic Unit and/or the Veterans Day Flip Book from one of our shops below. 



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