No Mess Sensory Paint Bag-Red, White, & Blue

I love themes and love basing activities and stories we read around those themes. I have a long to do list over the next couple months so I wanted to come up with some simple yet meaningful play activities for R that she could do while I worked on things next too her. We have a lot of messy play activities we do  so having some activities that require less clean up is a nice change of pace every now and then. 

In honor of President’s Day, we have been focusing our intentional play activities on Patriotic things.  R  loves playing with her Red, White, & Blue Paint Sensory Bag.

Patriotic No Mess Sensory Bag

In order to create the no mess sensory bag I took red, white, and blue paint and added squirts of each into the bag. I then added cut up pieces of straws and a couple rubber bands for an added sensory experience. I used clear packing tape to secure the top of the bag, because knowing R, she would have ripped that baggie right open and we would have had a mess. 

Patriotic No Mess Sensory Bag (2)

She will shake it all around and hit it off the floor and will then use her hands and feet to explore the paint and the cut up pieces of straw and rubber bands that I added for her to move around. 

Patriotic No Mess Sensory Bag (3) Patriotic No Mess Sensory Bag (4) Patriotic No Mess Sensory Bag (5)

Besides the obvious sensory experience, some language building activities  you can use with the bag:

-Discuss the colors you put in the bag
-When baby/child mixes the paint  up you can talk about how when different colors mix they form new colors
-Moving the objects like the straw around and how it feels to move them
-you can use vocabulary like squishy, cold, etc to describe the experience

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