Red, White, & Blue Discovery Basket

Last week we focused our attention on a Patriotic theme for play in honor of President’s Day. I learn something new about my sweet girl every time I set up a new activity for her to explore.  We played with a no-mess sensory bag on Monday. You can read about it HERE. This actually became a daily activity because R loved it so much. I left it set up in the kitchen and sure enough every morning she would crawl right over to it. I ended up just bringing it into the living room since she loved it so much.

We also spent the week playing with a red, white, and blue discovery basket. 

Red White & Blue Treasure Discovery Basket

She loved to take the objects out, bang them around, play with them, try to taste them and just have fun with them. She also got pretty good at putting them back into the basket. Her favorite became the white plastic kitchen spoon. Other items I added were a measuring cup, baby hair brush, blocks, and cookie cutters.

Red White & Blue Treasure Discovery Basket3

She has been really drawn to things that are the color red for the last couple of days, but when we got the discovery basket out she was all about the white objects. I am in awe of how someone so little can teach you and tell you so much by just watching them play. Play is powerful. 

Red White & Blue Treasure Discovery Basket4
Red White & Blue Treasure Discovery Basket2

I look forward to putting together more discovery baskets for R that include more natural items for her to explore. 

We also played and played and played with the red, white, and blue pom poms last week. R loves her newfound status of pulling herself up the coffee table and pulling everything and anything she wants down off of it. Well once we we were done playing with pom poms,  I would put them up on the coffee table. Well as you can see by this picture below, she found them  and dumped them and then proceeded to have a blast playing in them. (Sorry for the poor phone picture.) 


And yes that would be a measuring cup and a swiffer (clean). Who needs regular toys when you can help mommy clean with the swiffer and you can play with your toys and put them in the measuring cup? I made the comment to my husband the other night that if we ever can’t find a kitchen utensil that we can just look in the toy baskets or on the living room floor. It seems as though our kitchen is now our living room. 

Some more patriotic pom pom fun from the week. 

Red White & Blue Pom Pom Play
Red White & Blue Pom Pom Play2 
This week we are in full  Dr. Seuss mode and cannot wait to share all the fun we have during play time.


  1. It looks like so much fun!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

    A Day In First Grade

    1. I never put the basket away and she still loves playing with all the items, her favorite being the white spatula :)

  2. Discovery baskets are always so fun for little ones to explore!