Dr. Seuss Inspired Foods

We are having a blast reading, eating, and playing with all things Dr. Seuss inspired this week. I  wanted to share some of the fun foods we have eaten. We have done baby led weaning from the start with R so she has always eaten what we eat for meals so she is quite the pro and lover of all things “big people” food.

Dr. Seuss Week Food Ideas2

Her new favorite snack to munch on in the afternoons is gold fish crackers. We had some regular gold fish, but I KNEW we just had to have some of the colorful ones for this week full of Seuss. She didn’t miss a beat in eating her new colorful fishies.
 Colorful Goldfish-Dr. Seuss Week

I also whipped up a big batch of pancakes last week, but added a Seuss flair by making them red and white for the Cat in the Hat. For R I even made some pancakes for his face. She LOVED this and even decided she couldn’t just eat the eye and then another part. Oh no, she decided she must have an eye in one hand and the mouth in the other and HAD to go back and forth on eating from each hand. It was so stinking cute.

Cat in the Hat Pancakes Cat in the Hat Pancakes2 Dr. Seuss Week Food Ideas

We also had “green eggs” and ham. R does not like scrambeled eggs. She does not like them on a plate, she does not like them in a pan, she does not like them Sam I Am (I know pan and Sam don’t rhyme, but it was the closest thing I could muster up haha) So since our sweet girl doesn’t like scrambeled eggs I had to improvise and we used pudding with a squirt of food coloring and then added a vanilla wafer-her favorite- on the top for the yolk. Oh my goodness did she LOVE pudding…and the wafer was just the icing on the cake…or the yolk in the egg :)

Green Eggs & Ham

We topped the week off with some fun vanilla wafer and orange slice Lorax’s. We were eating chili for lunch so I just used little chunks of meat for the eyes since it was handy. This was R’s first time having oranges and she was NOT a fan. I guess mommy gets to eat the rest of the oranges.

Wafer and Orange Loraxes 

We cannot wait to explore some fun St. Patrick’s activities in the next couple of weeks :)

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