Happy Birthday Baby Footprint Candle Banner

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Mac-n-Taters celebrated his 26th birthday. We are pretty low key for birthdays (other than the baby’s). I always make a special meal, by request, and whatever desert will served as the birthday cake. Having a baby makes birthdays more fun, and this mama loves any reason to get creative with her little one so we set out to making a special gift from baby R to her daddy. This was his first birthday as a daddy and I hope it was super special for him. We sure tried to make him feel special. 

Happy Birthday Baby Footprint Candle Banner

I used Kraft wrapping paper I got from the Dollar Tree and then paints I had on hand. I free hand painted the sign. I should have just wrote Happy Birthday Dad on it, minus the “A” because little miss is past the stage of saying Dada and says very plainly DAD. We have even heard quite a few Daddy’s come from her lips. She is a daddy’s girl for sure. R’s little feet became the candles and we made 26 of them to celebrate 26 years of an amazing man :) 

Happy Birthday Baby Footprint Candle Banner2 Happy Birthday Baby Footprint Candle Banner3

We hung it up and he absolutely LOVED it. Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Mac-n-Taters. We love you!!!


  1. Love those footprint candles! Visiting from the KBN. http://www.kidscreativechaos.com