Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about all the different people in your life and all the gifts that you would like to get them. I have compiled some of our favorite things into a toddler gift guide. These items are not only fun, but useful, engaging, and can grow with your child.  If you are anything like me, you do not want a ton of stuff coming into your house. Toddlers do not needs hundreds (a little exaggeration, but oftentimes not too far from the truth) of gifts for every holiday. They are literally content with boxes and tupperware containers from the cupboard, so don’t go wild. (Please note this post is full of affiliate links. You can read more about what this means for my blog by reading my full disclosure statement.)

holiday gift guide

1// Orla Keily Books are adorable and unique board books for babies and toddlers. They focus on different skills like SHAPES, CREATURES, COLORS, and NUMBERS. The photographs included a specially picked and stylish to draw even the youngest readers in.

2// I absolutely love chunky puzzles my little one can get her fingers on and this chunky color Alphabet Puzzle from Janod does not disappoint. The letters are thick enough to grab onto even for the tiniest of hands. Not only will your little ones be working on fine motor skills, but also learning their ABCs while playing.

3// The Melissa and Doug 60 standard wooden blocks set is my absolute favorite. Little Miss received these last Christmas and she plays with them constantly. They are very nicely made and are great for all sorts of building adventures. She is still in the stage of stacking and knocking down, but daily she realizes they do something new and will be building all sorts of things before we know it. I was also recently introduced to the Architectural Building Block set Melissa and Doug has to offer and cannot wait to snag them for her as she gets older. These blocks will definitely last a lifetime of building play.

4// Do-a-Dot Markers. What are these NOT used for?  These markers are perfect for fine motor practice and come in a variety of colors over two different sets: the Rainbow Set and the Brilliants set. They are perfect for creating masterpieces as well as miscellaneous Do-a-Dot learning pages. I am sure before our preschooling and grade school days are over we will go through many different sets of these, especially between the two kids.

5// I cannot wait for Little Miss to come downstairs on Christmas morning to find her new Kidkraft Play Kitchen waiting for years of fun. She currently has a bunch of miscellaneous items she has confiscated from my kitchen drawers that she plays with daily. I love watching her little imagination take off when playing with her kitchen items so this kitchen was an obvious must for this years Christmas gift. 

6// And what’s a play kitchen without play food right? I LOVE this felt grocery basket set. You can find on both Amazon and Ikea as well as many other adorable felt sets. I am also a sucker for the wooden sets of food by makers like Melissa and Doug, Hape, and Plan Toys. 

7// Little Miss has been in love with music since she was itty bitty and making her own music is even better. This awesome Band In A Box set from Melissa and Doug fits the bill perfectly. It is sturdy and will hold up to lots of musicals your little ones will want to have. My favorite part is the variety of instruments it includes.

8//Painting can be quite messy, especially with toddlers, so this Paint Cup Set is the PERFECT solution to keeping the paint where it needs to be before making its way to  whatever it is being painted.

9// And to round out our list is another set of adorable and unique books. The entire BABY LIT series is absolutely adorable and each books focuses on a different book and skill your little ones are sure to love.

I hope this guide gave you a few ideas for your little ones. I love how all these items are unique and can grow with your child.

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