Painting With Feathers

Feather Painting for Kids

Painting with toddlers can be a bit intimidating, but I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Although it can be quite messy, painting with toddlers really is fun. If you use the right kinds of paint it can be easily cleaned up.

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In honor of Thanksgiving next week. little miss and I brought out the feathers once again, as well as our Crayola Washable Finger paints, and we set to work creating colorful messy masterpieces.

feather painting

In order to keep the paint off her clothes, we use washable art smocks. We have the full length bibs from ikea as well as this adorable smock little miss got from her secret elf baby friend.

ikea bibs Picture1

The key to having as stress free of a painting experience as possible with toddlers is to be sure to have everything ready to go beforehand, as well as all the necessary materials you will need to clean up the paint mess. Toddlers are fast little beings so you have to work quickly to keep paint off of everything.

Once I had all my supplies ready to go, this is what little miss found on her table.


I used trays I picked up from Walmart (similar HERE) and used washi tape to tape down the paper. I took the red, yellow, and orange fingerpaints and put little dots of paint all over the paper and then added feathers to the side of the tray.

Once at her table, little miss immediately started painting. The smile on her face said it all for me. She absolutely LOVED it. After setting the tray up with 6 different feathers, I decided to take all but two off. I figured this would be less wasteful and wouldn’t overwhelm her as much. She switched back and forth between the feathers and worked on spreading out all of the paint drops all over the paper.

feather painting fun

She would occasionally put the feathers down and paint with her hands, but that is ok. She was still painting and having a blast.

The feathers provide a very interesting painting tool for her and allow her to explore paint in a new way and she created an adorable picture.

Feather Painting Complete

And of course we had to hang up the dried masterpiece and she loves going to the fridge and says “pic” over and over to show off her picture she painted :)


Painting with feathers is a fun Thanksgiving sensory activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged kids.

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