November Recap

Man did the month of November fly by. I cannot believe we are about to begin the month of December, and before we know it the year 2015 will be over. I think this may have just been one of the fastest years yet.

Before we dive into December and all the amazingness that comes with the month, I wanted to take a stroll back through at all the activities little miss and I accomplished during November.


Several days this month, we had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of our little friends for the day and one of those gloomy Saturdays, little miss and her sweet friend made these adorable and simple coffee filter turkey’s. We were inspired by this post HERE and adapted it by using Crayola finger paints and finger painted on the coffee filter and instead of just using a circle for the body, I traced the girls’ feet. Footprint art gets me every time.


We had several festive snacks/meals throughout the month as well like Mr. PB&J, apple, cheese, and chocolate chip Man. Little Miss LOVED him and ate every bit of her lunch that day.

pbj apple cheese choc chip turkey lunch

We snacked on colorful treats in our turkey cup all month long as well. I just used a plastic cup and cup out some paper feathers, beak, and waddle and glued them on using stick glue and then added some googly eyes with stick glue as well. I left it dry for a while before passing it over to little Miss and it help up surprisingly well. I did end up taping the feathers on with some orange washi tape for added reinforcement.

 Turkey Snack Cup Thanksgiving Turkey Snack Cup

We practiced, and practiced, and practiced our fine motor skills with this fun Toddler Thanksgiving Invitation to Play. This seriously provided hours of entertainment all throughout the month. I am surprised she isn’t tired of feathers.


We also brought out the feathers and paint and created feather painted art.

Feather Painting Complete

On the days we didn’t feel like getting into anything too major we brought out these adorable freebie Thanksgiving coloring pages from Krista Walden  on Teacher’s Pay Teachers. It is so fun to see how her coloring has changed from the first time we introduced crayons. She very diligently makes sure she is coloring ON the picture vs. outside of the picture.


We brought out the feathers yet again (those things sure did see lots of use this month) and I got “artistic” and created a turkey body on some contact paper and let her go to town on sticking feathers to the turkey. At first she wasn’t exactly sure what to think, especially when her hand got stuck on the contact paper, but after a while she had a blast. She was more interested in pulling the feathers off vs. putting them on so I would put most of them on while she helped and she would go on a marathon of ripping them off and throwing them.

Contact Paper Turkey ContactPaperTurkeyFeathers ContactPaperTurkey 

We also pent a lot of time playing with and learning all about our animals using our Montessori Picture cards we created using Shutterfly prints. These little guys went with us everywhere this month.

montessori animal cards3

I cannot wait until Tomorrow as the new month begins. Holidays with little ones are just that much more fun. We shared yesterday, in our Christ Centered Advent Calendar of Activities post, all of the fun activities we have in store for the next month and cannot wait to get started. We may have decorated the house this weekend to make sure we were in the Christmas spirit for our fun to begin. I cannot wait.

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