Felt Christmas tree

Last year I stocked up on a ton of felt by the yard when our local craft store was having a sale. It was around Christmas time and I knew my very first project had to be a Felt Christmas tree for little miss.

felt tree

She was only 9 months old last year, but she had a blast tearing it down and trying to get the parts to stick. I knew this year, at 20 months, she would really enjoy the tree and have a better understanding of what to do with it.

As part of our decorating festivities, we got out the felt tree and got it all set up so that it was ready for her to explore as soon as she woke up the next morning.. Last year I used rolled up pieces of painters tape to attach it to the wall, but every morning I would come downstairs and it would be a big heap on the floor. This year I knew I needed major reinforcement especially since Little Miss can be a little brute sometimes. Between my husband and I, we brainstormed and decided we would try using painters tape and sticky tak to hold it to the wall.

I started by attaching pieces of painters tape directly to the back of the tree and then added little strips of the sticky tak on top of that and then attached to the wall. So far so good and it appears alot stronger when attached to the wall so I am hoping it lasts all season.

felt tree assembly

It didn’t take Little Miss long at all to realize her felt tree was on the wall and she went right to town taking off the ornaments and presents and rearranging them. She was a bit confused though when I told her that her felt ornaments went on her felt tree and NOT our big Christmas tree, but after a bit of exploring she got the hang of it.


All of the presents and ornaments I freehanded and cut out of the felt. I hot glued the white parts to the ornaments ,as well as the dots on all the presents, but everything else (bows, ribbons etc.) are all able to be taken on and off.

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