Preparing for Baby #2: Thank you for “Chipping” In Nurses Gift

When we had Little Miss we made a little gift basket up for the nurses that was full of peanut m&ms and had a sign attached that said “Thank you for caring for our peanut.” I knew I wanted to do something again for the nurses and this time decided to go with one of my favorite cravings right now, COOKIES. Thus our “Thanks for “Chipping” in” gift came into play.
This adorable nurses gift idea is a simple and fun gift to give those special ladies who help take care of you and your new baby when you are at the hospital. They do so much for you while you are there. Whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl or you are going to be surpised, there is an editable nurses thank you gift tag just for you.
I liked the idea of having an open ended gift that ALL the nurses, regardless if they were caring for me or not, could enjoy. They work hard and often have to help deliver a baby through their breaks. We had some amazing nurses the first time around and I am sure will have the same experience again. We wanted to show our appreciation to them all.
I haven’t had the chance to work on anything new recently for my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store so I was feeling the itch so I sat down with my trusty computer and Powerpoint and got to work on creating a cute and fun tag to go along with the package of cookies we bought for the nurses.
You can snag your own copy of the tag by clicking on the picture below. The tag will take you to a powerpoint file that you can then add your own name to and then save as a pdf document and print. I provided one for both a baby boy and baby girl as well as a generic one for those who like to be surprised.
Thanks for Chipping In Tagsdownloadhere
This post is part of our Baby #2 Prep Series.
This baby preparation series goes through all the things you need to prepare before having baby number 2. Whether you are having a baby boy or baby girl, my hope is that this series can help you be prepared for bring that second little bundle of joy home from the hospital.

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