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Fall Tot School Planning Post

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect and the fall colors are just beyond beautiful. I am so excited to experience fall through the eyes of my children and we are looking forward to some fun fall and leaves themed activities next week. This post will tell you everything you will need to know to follow along with us.  We will be doing this unit for one week and I am so excited for all the fun we will have. 

START DATE: October 17th

PINTEREST BOARD: Fall/Thanksgiving for Kids

DRAMATIC PLAY: Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch/Raking Leaves


While our educational toys and books list will not be a listed part of our plans, I wanted to offer these resources to you in case you needed filler activities related to our theme. The toys and books list is a collection of Amazon products that we either have, read or are on our wishlist.

This is a list of all the supplies and resources that you will need to do all of the activities listed in our plans. Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience.


-misc. loose parts


-slotted tray

-aluminum foil

-construction paper

-tempera paint

-brown paper bags

-purple construction paper squares

-brown paper roll

-acorn cutouts (you can cut them out of brown paper)

-leaves (fake and real)


-ziplock bag

-duck tape or packing tape

-plastic bottle

-- laminator and laminating sheets

-leaves (fake and real)

-misc. leaf loose parts

-clear hair gel

-orange food coloring or liquid watercolor dye

-box or play tunnel




-construction paper


-pretzels and other foods like grapes or cheese

-boxes, pillows etc

PRINTABLES (all are in our plans below)

-Acorn Counting & One to One Correspondence Cards

-Letter, #, and Shape Playdough Mats

-Color Sorting Leaf cards

-Letter & # Printable

Below you will find a pdf that will give all the information you need to follow along with us during our fall unit. Our “lesson” plans, tiny tot activities, circle time activities, rhymes and song posters, a couple printable activities and more are included in the pdf. You can download the pack below.



***Due to a nasty cold that wrecked havoc on our house for 2 weeks, we had to do some rearranging of our schedule and plan to mix our fall and pumpkin themed activities together. You can check out our pumpkin planning post for all the info on our pumpkin unit. If following along on Social media, you will notice we will not be doing all of the activities listed in each of the plans. We will try to get to as many of them as we can though.  ***

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