December 2016 Advent Activities and Plans For Toddlers

Advent Calendar Activities for Toddlers

December is quickly approaching which means another fun month full of advent activities to countdown to the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Last year was our first year doing an advent calendar and we incorporated the scripture from the Truth in the Tinsel advent. This year I am excited to actually do some of the activities to go along with Truth in the Tinsel advent, as well as so many other fun things the entire month of December.


If you are following along with us, or are just looking for some fun things to do with your kids, I have complied a calendar of all of our activities we plan on doing as part of our December festivities. Our tot school shelf will be full of 8 activities that will be available all month long. We couldn’t let our TIny Tot out of all the activities so there are 6 different activities we will be doing with him as well. Our fine and gross motor activities are listed per week and will be incorporated throughout the day all week long.

START DATE: December 1st

PINTEREST BOARD: Christmas For Kids

DRAMATIC PLAY: Toy Store/Gift Wrapping Station


While our educational toys and books list will not be a listed part of our plans, I wanted to offer these resources to you in case you needed filler activities related to our theme. The toys and books list is a collection of Amazon products that we either have, read or are on our wishlist.


Since everyone’s month of December will look different, I will not be providing a list of supplies we will be needing to complete this months activities. If you are curious about a certain supply or what you will need to complete something on the list, do not hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email.

Below, I have provided a downloadable calendar file as well as some printables to complete some of the activities on our list, but here is a list of the things we will be doing. Many of the activities are things I have found and pinned from some of the very best kid bloggers so be sure to check out our Pinterest board for help.

Advent Calendar Activities for Toddlers



1. Welcome to December Breakfast, Salt Dough Ornaments

2.  Homemade Wrapping Paper & No Mess Paint Christmas Cards

3.  Letters to Santa & Coloring Pages

4.  Christmas Tree Playdough Kit

5.  Matching ABC’s Light Strand

6. Roll A Reindeer

7. Twas the Night Before Christmas Mouse Canvas

8. Sugar Cookie Baking

9. Cookies & Cocoa Christmas Party

10. Cookie Baking Day & Coloring Pages

11. Cookie Baking Day & Coloring Pages

12. Tearing Wrapping Paper Scraps & Making a Collage

13. Christmas Tracing Cards

14. Candy Cane Hunt

15. Don’t Ring The Bell Obstacle Course

16. Clothespin Cotton ball Christmas Ornament Paint

17. Journey Through Bethlehem

18. Christmas Light Tunnel, Christmas Light Sight Seeing

19. Plastic Spoons Light Bulb Paint

20. Jingle Bell Toss

21. Christmas Tree Smash The Letter

22. Paper Bag Gingerbread House

23. Grinch Day

24. Make Jesus’ Birthday Cake, Baby Jesus Handprint Art, Christmas Eve Box

25. Sing Happy Birthday To Jesus, Read the Christmas Story, Eat Jesus’ Birthday Cake, Presents, Family Day

26-31. We will play with new toys, maybe do an activity or two to prepare for the new year and just enjoy being together.


1. Jingle Bell Magnet Sensory Bin

2. Christmas Tree Pom Pom Color Push

3. Light Bulbs Name Match

4. Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks

5. Gingerbread Salt Tray for Letter, Number, Shape writing

6. Pom Pom Dot Pages

7. Bell Fine Motor Tonging Tray & Color Sorting

8. Shadow Matching, I Spy, Puzzles, Playdough Mats


1. Jingle Bell Shaker Bottle

2. Ribbon Light Tunnel

3. Christmas Themed Sticky Wall

4. Felt Christmas Tree

5. Salt Dough Ornaments/Plaques/Footprint Art

6. Christmas Sensory Bin/Board

In addition to all of our fun activities and crafts, we will also be doing some Random Acts of Kindness all throughout the month plus this awesome Reverse Advent Calendar activity from Mum in the Mad House.


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