January Tot School Plans & Resources | Winter & Penguins

January Winter Penguin Tot School Plans

Happy 2017. Where did 2016 go? I hope you had a blessed holiday season. We are excited to see what 2017 has to bring our family and cannot wait to get started with our tot school activities in the new year.

As our “school year” has developed I have learned many things about not only my daughter, but about myself as a mom, wife, teacher, blogger and business woman. While I absolutely LOVE being each of those things I was starting to get overwhelmed with everything I absolutely LOVED to do and was starting to really feel like I couldn’t do any of them well. While many assured me I was doing everything well, I couldn’t get past the feeling of spreading myself too thin and over the last couple months have really had to learn when enough was enough and when to just “let things go.” This was not something that came overnight and definitely something I am still working on and will continue working on my whole life I would imagine.

With that said, you will notice things will look a bit different in terms of our planning posts and the content you see on the blog. Instead of spending every week writing planning posts, I will now be writing one post a month that gives you a full calendar of our entire month. Sometimes there will be several themes in a month and then sometimes it will be one or two. This will allow me to spend less time behind the computer and more time engaged with my family and more time doing other things I love.

As always, our plans will always be evolving to tailor to my little ones ever changing needs. As time allows, I will be getting caught up on past posts that highlight the different activities we did related to a theme, as well as giving you a closer look at each of our dramatic play centers and book lists.

It is so exciting to be starting a new year. We started tot school activities 1 year ago and its so amazing to see how far our little family has come in that time. We will be repeating many of our winter and penguin themed activities from last year and I am so excited to see the progress Little Miss has made in the last year come full circle.


January Plans

JANUARY THEMES: Winter & Penguins

PINTEREST BOARD: Winter for Kids & Penguins



While our educational toys and books list will not be a listed part of our plans, I wanted to offer these resources to you in case you needed filler activities related to our theme. The toys and books list is a collection of Amazon products that we either have, read or are on our wishlist.


-You can find a complete list of our favorite supplies HERE. There may be an occasional item that is needed during the month that is not included on our overall list. If you have any questions about where to get it or what kind we like best, please feel free to ask.


-We are using this unit from Mrs. Jones’s Creation Station and will be doing random activities from it throughout the course of the month to explain how God made us all different, just like a snowflake.


-Mitten cutouts (out of scrapbook paper)

-Matching mitten cutouts (out of scrapbook paper)

-winter tracing cards

-winter I spy cards

-Build a name snowman freebie from A Dab of Glue Will Do.

Below you will find a pdf that will give all the information you need to follow along with us during January. Our “lesson” plans, tiny tot activities, circle time activities, rhymes and song posters, a couple printable activities and more are included in the pdf. You can download the pack below.



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