Weather Themed Activities for Kids

Weather Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Our first official preschool theme is complete and boy did we have so much weather themed fun this month. If you followed along with us over on instagram you saw a peak into some of the fun learning activities that we completed; however there was so much fun happening, we didn’t always get a chance to share so below is a HUGE recap of all our weather themed learning fun.

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Weather Themed Activities for Preschool: A Preschool Thematic Unit

We read so many amazing books, some just for fun, and others with some pretty awesome factual information that helped Little Miss 3 learn so much about weather. She is simply fascinated by it all now and to hear her talk on and on about everything she learned makes my teacher mama heart happy.

Weather Books for Kids

No thematic unit is complete without some fun weather themed snacks and food ideas and boy did we have fun with these this month. Read more about all our snacks here.

Weather Themed Snacks for Kids 

Sensory bins are one of our favorite activities and we had four fun bins this month that both Little Miss 3 and Little Man 15 months had fun with. You can read more about them in our Weather Themed Sensory Bins post.

Weather Themed Sensory Bins for Kids

We graphed the weather all month using a sheet from our Weather Themed Prek Pack. It sure was a rainy stormy month. If April Showers Bring May Flowers, What does May showers bring?

Weather Graph

To be sure to cover all of the different types of weather that we typically see in our area, we spent several days on each type of weather.

Cloud Themed Weather Activities for Kids

C is for Cloud letter craft

C is for Cloud Letter Craft

Roll and Cover Number Clouds

Roll and Cover Number Clouds

Crayon and watercolor clouds: Draw clouds on a piece of watercolor paper with white crayon and paint over with watercolors and watch the clouds appear.

Crayon and Watercolor Resist Clouds

It looked like Spilt Milk blob art

It Looked Like Spilt Milk Blob Art

Shaving Cream/Whipped Cream Clouds: Shaving Cream for Little Miss 3…Whipped Cream for “Sticks everything in his mouth” er I mean Little Man 1.

Shaving Cream and Whipped Cream Clouds Sensory Play

Cloud Counting Mats

Cloud COunting Mats


Wind Themed Weather Activities for Kids

K is for Kite Letter Craft

K is for Kite Letter Craft

Kite Tail Counting

Kite Tail Fine Motor Counting Activity

Paint Blow Art: Paint + Air Blow Through Straw

Paint Blow Art

W is for Wind Letter Craft

W is for Wind Letter Craft

Marble Wind Art: Paint + Ball + Air (fan or your own air) =Art

Marble Wind Art

Fan or blow feather into a square: Feathers scattered about + square taped on floor + air (fan or breath) =Try to get all the feathers into the square

Blow A Feather Into A Square


Rain Themed Weather Activities for Kids

Puddle Jumping ABCs

Puddle Jumping ABCs

R is for Rain Letter Craft

R is for Rain Letter Craft

Umbrella craft: Hot Glue Rain Drops + Watercolors + Tissue Paper Umbrella

Watercolor Umbrella Craft

Shaving cream rainstorms: Fill jar with water and top with shaving cream. Drop some watercolors or food coloring onto the top with a pipette and watch it rain into the jar.

Shaving Cream Rainstorms

Little Blue Truck Mud Painting

Little Blue Truck Mud Painting

Lightening Cloud Letter Match

Lightening Cloud Letter Match

Storm Cloud Process Art

Storm Cloud Process Art

Puddle Jumpers themed Art

Puddle Jumpers Themed Art


Rainbow & Sun Themed Activities for Kids

Do a Dot Rainbow

Dot A Rainbow

Rainbow Letter Sticker Match

Rainbow Sticker Letter Match

S is for Sun Letter Craft

S is for Sun Letter Craft

Playdough Rays Mat

Sun Playdough Mat

Tissue Paper Sun

Tissue Paper Sun Man


Snow and Weather Themed activities for kids

Snowball Fight Letters: Pieces of paper + letters written on them + crinkled up = Snowball fight letters ready to be tossed and read

Snowball Fight Letters

S is for Snow letter Craft

S is for Snow Letter Craft

Sorting Snowballs

Sorting SNowballs by Size

We loved using our weather themed word wall cards to see pictures of real weather.

Weather Themed Word Wall Cards

And a recap of all the weather we learned about with a simple W is for weather letter craft.

W is for Weather Letter Craft

Little Miss 3 also had some activities she worked on during quiet time that came from our Weather Themed PreK Pack that were perfect for working on many different skills like cutting, number sequence, patterns, and finding differences and similarities.

Weather Themed Cutting PracticeWeather Themed Number Puzzles

Weather PatternsWhich one is different?

And we ended our unit with a fun filled Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Family Movie Night Extravaganza & Cloudy With A Chance of Math Activity.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Movie Night

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Math Activity


Next up: Dinosaurs!!! We hope you will join along!!!


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