Dinosaur Preschool Unit Plans & Resources

Dinosaur Theme Preschool Thematic Unit

Welcome to Mac-n-Taters. If you are new here and you are interested in our preschool units, you can read all about our preschool curriculum here. Our first preschool unit was our Weather Theme and boy was it a blast. You will be seeing some slight changes from the first unit in terms of how the plans are laid out and the stuff included. These first couple months we are working towards having a plan that works best for all of us so we will be doing minor tweaking hear and there to make this curriculum the very best it can be.

One of the changes we have made is having 1 focus book each week and then providing you with a list of other thematic books you can fill in the gaps with. We personally were having a hard time acquiring all the books we wanted to when we actually needed them so we figured you all could be having the same problem. While you didn’t need to read the same books we did, I didn’t want anyone feeling like they had to have a months worth of different books. While the focus books we chose are not mandatory, they are great selections that go with the overall “theme” of the weeks activities.

Another change we are making is having only 20 days worth of activities vs trying to make it fit a specific month. This will allow a more easy to follow plan for those who are stumbling upon our curriculum days and months down the line. Each theme from here on out will have 20 days (four 5 day weeks) of learning activities with one new sensory experience each week plus one new focus book each week. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays will consist of the “meat” of the curriculum and Tuesdays and Thursdays will have some fun extra activities to keep it light and allow time for days where you just don’t get to everything.

So enough about the changes and onto our second unit because I am so excited to share it. Our second unit is all about Dinosaurs and boy are we excited to dive in. The number one goal of our curriculum is to learn through play and the next twenty days have so much learning through play packed into it.

Dinosaur Theme Preschool Thematic Unit

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for gathering ideas. Each of our themes can be found towards the bottom of our Pinterest page. You can check out all the wonderful dinosaur themed inspiration on our Dinosaur board. 

Our plans for our unit are available for download below and are in a pdf format. Each week is mapped out in a table format followed by a page that describes what each of the activities are.

Dinosaur Theme Preschool Thematic Unit Plans and Resources Post

If, at any time, you have a question about what something is or need help with a supply for something we are doing, do not hesitate to send us an email or message via social media and we would be more than happy to help you out.

Some of our activities through the month will come from our Dinosaur Theme PreK Learning Pack available in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

You can find a comprehensive supply list of things that we use and love on our homeschool supply list post; however, here are some of the more specific items not listed that you may find helpful as you play your way through the dinosaur theme. These are affiliate links for your convenience. There is no extra cost to you, but if you purchase from my link I receive a small commission which helps bring more learning activities to the blog.

+Dinosaur Figurines 

+Dinosaur Skeletons (for dinosaur sensory bin)

+makeup brush

+Paleontologist hat

+Paleontologist vest



For More Information on our entire preschool curriculum and to see other themes and posts as they are posted you can check out our Preschool Curriculum Page.

We post regularly to our @macntaters_playlearngrow instagram page and would love to have you follow our adventures. We will use the hashtag #mntpreschool to keep track of all our learning fun.

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