Corduroy Themed Preschool Activities for Kids

We have had an absolute blast with our very first Play and Learn Preschool theme, Corduroy. Corduroy has been a favorite book for many years, and we may just love it even more after all the fun learning we had. I mean how cute is he?

Corduroy Themed Activities for Preschool

We had so much fun playing, learning, and growing alongside Corduroy.

All of the activities we completed were engaging and made learning all the focus skills fun for my little learners. Here are some additional activities we completed for our Corduroy unit to finish off a week full of fun.

BUTTON NECKLACES: I gave the kids some string and buttons and they created some circle button necklaces.


CORDUROY PAPER PLATE CRAFT: This cute craft was inspired by one we found on I Heart Crafty Things blog. We didn't have any small paper plates so we used what we had on hand to create one of our own. We painted paper plates to look like Corduroy's pants/body, added construction paper arms, legs, and head and finished it off with a face which is my favorite part of Miss 4s.

WANTS & NEEDS SCAVENGER HUNT: While reading through the book, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to talk about wants and needs. Do you really NEED a teddy bear or is that more of a want? What types of things do we really NEED. We used this scavenger hunt in the local department store to talk about the different things we need vs. the things we want. 

PLAYDOUGH AND BUTTON STEM: I set out some playdough and buttons for the kids and let them construct different things with the two items. They love playdough and loose parts so this was one of their favorite activities of the week.


BURLAP & BUTTON SEWING: I love the idea of including handicrafts into our day and one of the things we will be doing in the upcoming year is incorporating more handicrafts into the day. This is a simple, easy introduction to sewing for little hands. Simply take a piece of burlap and stick it into an embroidery hoop, give your child a need and yarn and some buttons and let them sewing the buttons to the burlap. 

Grab Your Unit & Get Started Playing & Learning

Check out all of the activities we completed as part of our Corduroy unit and grab your plans and printables so you can get started playing and learning with your kids.

Corduroy Shape & Color Activities

Corduroy Themed Preschool Activities


Corduroy Unit Plans and Printables for Preschool

Or grab the entire mega bundle.

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