Corduroy Shape and Color Activities for Preschool

Today I am sharing all of the shape and color activities that we completed for our Corduroy unit from our Play and Learn preschool curriculum.

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For this unit, the focus color was green and the shape was circle.

Corduroy Theme Shape and Color Activities for Preschool

All of our activities we completed were engaging and made learning the color green and shape circle fun for my little learners.


LID TRACED CIRCLE BUTTONS: I love repurposing items around the house for other things. When some of our playdough dried out I tossed it and saved the lids to use as circle "stencils." With our focus shape of the week being circles, I pulled them out and we used them to trace circles and then tried our best to make small circles to create our own buttons. 

FIND AND COVER CIRCLES: I have a copy of all of our Find and Cover shape mats laminated and bound so I can quickly grab the set and use them with manipulatives. I grabbed the circle shape mat and some circle buttons and Miss 4 used them to find and cover all of the circles on the mat. 

CIRCLE HIDE AND SEEK: For this activity, we went on a circle hunt around the house to look for all of the different things in our house that were a circle shape. I also hid some buttons around the playroom and the kids had to find the circle buttons. 

PAINTED CIRCLES SHAPE CRAFT: I printed a sheet of different sized circles on cardstock paper and the kids used their watercolors to paint the circles. I then went ahead and cut out the circles (I offered it to Miss 4, but she wasn't feeling it that day) and we used them to hang up over the work shelf for the week. 

SHAPE COLOR THE ROOM: For this activity, I hung the button cards with shapes on them around the room and then laminated the "Let's Go on a Shape Hunt" sheet from the Corduroy unit. Miss 4 took the mat around the room with a dry erase crayon, found a button shape card, identified the shape, and then colored it in on the mat. 


GREEN COLOR SENSORY BIN + PUZZLES: For the green sensory bin for the unit, I filled a small container with some green crinkle paper and added in some green picture puzzle cards I have. Miss 4 and Mr. 2 worked together to pull out the pictures and put the pieces together to form green picture puzzles. You could also add in different green items from around the house. I chose to keep it simple with just the puzzles and green crinkle paper.  

SHADES OF GREEN FINE MOTOR SORT: This activity not only worked on sorting and shades of color, but was a fantastic fine motor activity for little hands. I set out two different colored green pipe cleaners and a pile of matching green beads. The kids had to sort the beads onto the correct color of pipe cleaner. 

GREEN PAPER HOLE PUNCH ART: This is a fun art project. Simply hole punch some green construction paper and stick it to a piece of contact paper however you would like. Create a picture from the paper or simply attach the small pieces to the contact paper in a random way. It's fun, works those fine motor muscles and looks pretty neat if you hang them up once you are done. 

FIND AND COVER COLOR GREEN PICTURES: We used green counting bears to find and cover all of the green pictures on our Find and Cover green color mat. 

Corduroy: Button Color Graphing

BUTTON COLOR GRAPHING: For our "all colors together" activity for the week, we sorting buttons by color and then introduced graphing them onto a graph included in the activity pack.

We had an absolute blast playing and learning alongside Corduroy!!!

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