Corduroy Math and Literacy Activities for Preschool

Corduroy is one of my kid's favorite books and we have had an absolute blast playing and learning and reading along with Corduroy. Many of these activities are included as part of our Play and Learn Preschool Corduroy Unit and some of them are things I created or other resources from my shop.

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This post includes all of the Math and Literacy Activities that we did during our Corduroy Unit.

Corduroy Themed Math and Literacy Activities

We started each day by reading Corduroy and then we got to work playing and having fun together.

Corduroy Themed Name Craft for Preschoolers to practice spelling their name.

 CORDUROY NAME CRAFT: Learning how to spell your name is an important preschool skill. We did this fun activity to practice spelling the kid's names. I printed out an overall template on green paper that I made to make Corudory's overalls and then the kids used letter stamps to stamp out their name and added buttons to finish it off.

Practice forming letters with this fun hands on letter activity using playdough and buttons.

PLAYDOUGH & BUTTON LETTER Bb: The focus letter of the Corduroy unit is the letter Bb. What says "hands-on" more than playdough. The kids used playdough to form the letter Bb and then used buttons to retrace the letter Bb for additional practice.  

Corduroy: Find & Cover Beginning Sound Bb

FIND & COVER BEGINNING SOUND LETTER Bb: Using fun thematic maniuplatives is one of my favorite ways to bring in a theme to our learning. We used buttons to find and cover all of the pictures that begin with /b/ on our Beginning Sound Find and Cover Mats.

Corduroy: Find and Cover Letter Bb

FIND AND COVER LETTER Bb: We used buttons to cover all of the capital and lowercase letter Bbs on our Find and Cover Letters mat.

Sorting capital and lowercase letters visual discrimination activity to go along with Corduroy

CAPITAL AND LOWERCASE LETTER Bb BUTTON SORT: This is a fun activity to work on visually discriminating between capital and lower letter Bbs. We took the button cards from the Corduroy Unit activity pack, punched a hole in it and then use two pieces of string to sort and lace the Bbs. 

Practice identifying letters in a fun way with flip and cover letters. Cover the letters with buttons to go along with the Corduroy theme.

FLIP AND COVER LETTERS: This was our "all the letters" activity for the week. You simply cut out all of the letter cards, place them in pile upside down, flip over a card, read the letter, say the sound, and use a manipulative (we chose buttons) to cover the letter on the mat. You then continue until you have all letters covered.

Corudroy: Sewing Sight Words

SEWING SIGHT WORDS: This activity is similar to the Bb sorting activity above, but this time we identified sight words. We simply cut out the buttons, punched a hole in each one, picked a button sight word, read it, and then strung it onto a piece of string. If she didn't identify the sight word correctly it went back into the pile to try again.

Corduroy: Rhymes/Does Not Rhyme Sort

RHYMES/DOES NOT RHYME SORT: We completed this  rhymes/does not rhyme sort for one of our literacy activities on the Corduroy calendar. We placed the header cards out and talked about what each one said. We mixed up all of the cards and Miss 4 would pick a card, say what each of the pictures were, determine if they rhymed or did not rhyme, and then placed it under the correct header.

Corduroy: Sorting by Attribute

SORTING BY ATTRIBUTE: Our math focus skill for the week was sorting by attributes. We sorted by color, shape, and size and used buttons and counting bears to help us practice this valuable early learning math skill. We used paper buttons I printed from clipart; however these plastic shape buttons would be perfect for any button themed sorting activities. 

We had an absolute blast playing and learning alongside Corduroy!!!

Grab Your Unit & Get Started Playing & Learning

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