Valentine's Day Ending Sounds Activity

We have been working on identifying ending sounds with my preschooler. Sometimes it can be tricky isolating those ending sounds in words, but the more we have practiced, the easier it has been for my little guy to identify them. I created this fun Valentine's themed ending sound activity for him to do in February and wanted to share it with you also.

Playing and learning is my favorite so incorporating playdough play into this activity was an instant win with my crew. 

Valentines Day Free Printable

Ending Sounds Chocolates 

Supplies You Will Need

  • Playdough
  • Ending Sounds Chocolate Printable Below 
  • Letter Stamps (optional)

How to Set Up The Activity

Print and laminate the Ending Sounds Chocolate printable or insert the page into a dry erase pocket and take some brown playdough and roll it into 13 small balls. 
Valentines Day Ending Sounds Activity

How to Play

Once you have the mat and playdough set up, you are ready to play. You can complete this activity a few different ways.
First you can have the child point to a picture, say the word, and then isolate the ending sound for the word and cover it with a ball of playdough. They can do this process until they have identified all ending sounds and covered them with a playdough chocolate. 
Valentines Day Ending Sounds Activity
You can also have them take this activity one step farther. When they identify the ending sound of each word they can cover it with a playdough chocolate and then use the coordinating letter stamp to stamp the correct letter into the "chocolate" and then repeat with the other pictures/words. 
Valentines Day Ending Sounds Activity

Use the included recording sheet alongside the play mat or as an extra to assess the child's understanding of ending sounds. 
Valentines Day Ending Sounds Activity

Grab the Printable Activity

Grab your copy of the Ending Sounds Chocolate activity by entering your email below and have fun playing and learning .

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