Free Beginning Sound Sort Printable Activity

Learning beginning sounds is one of the most practiced literacy skills in preschool and kindergarten so having a variety of different activities to engage learners in practicing this valuable skills is important. These Beginning Sound sorting mats are bright and colorful and engaging and make the perfect center activity or extra practice activity. 

How to Use the Beginning Sound Sorting Mats

These beginning sound sorting mats are versatile. Use them during center time or as a one-on-one activity for beginning sound practice. 

Free printable beginning sound activity for kids

How to Prep

This activity is simple to prep. Start by printing the pages you would like to use, laminate them, and then cut out the picture beginning sound cards. The mats stay whole. If you would like you can add Velcro dots to the pieces and inside each of the spots on the mat or you can leave them as is. One of the benefits of using Velcro dots is having a place to store the pieces when you are done using the activity. They can just be attached to the mats and taken off the next time you want to use them. 

How to Use

Depending on your students, you can choose to use all of the mats at once or give out just a few letter mats at a time. Having a smaller amount of cards out at a time can help keep your students from becoming overwhelmed. 

Beginning Sound Sorting Mat activity for toddlers and preschoolers

Mix up the picture cards and lay them out in front of you. Children will pick a card, say the name of the picture, and then listen for the beginning sound they hear. They will then place the card on the appropriate letter mat. They will continue until they have sorted all the cards they have.

Other Ways to Use

This activity would also make a wonderful cut-and-paste beginning sound activity. You can give your students the letter mats you would like to use and then the pieces and the kids can cut them out and glue them onto the correct mats. 

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