Christian Gift Guide For Kids

Christian Gift Guide For Kids

I love supporting small businesses and I especially love supporting ones that hold the same values as my family. In a world that is pushing so many agendas and coming after our kids, its more important than ever to support businesses and fill our homes with products that not only speak truth, but support those who do as well. I have compiled a list of Christian items and companies that have wonderful options for gift ideas for birthday, Christmas, or Easter.

(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, so that you can find and reference the materials easily and quickly. This just means that my blog receives a tiny compensation if you click on these links- at no extra charge to you.) 

Truth Book Co Books

Truth Book Co.: I am so incredibly glad to have found Truth Book Co.books. They have new releases each month and each one is just as fabulous as the last. Each page is filled with truth and the illustrations are absolutely breathtaking. 

The First Rainbow: In a world that has taken the rainbow and perverted it, we need more books that speak to the truth of what the rainbow stands for, the promises of God.

Male & Female: ...male and female he created them. God's perfect and most wonderful creation, humans, were created in the image of God and were created male and female. He did not mix up the genders. Every single person created on this earth was created exactly as they were intended by God. In a world that is pushing awful gender ideologies and confusion, we need books like this that point our children to truth.

In Gods Image: The first words out of my beautiful nine year old's mouth when she read it "Oh that was so wonderful." As I watched her read it aloud to her brother she beamed from ear to ear with each word she read. I am so thankful for the truth of this book and how it points young girls to their worth and beauty in Christ. 

Brave Books Subscription

Brave Books: It's getting harder and harder to find good, wholesome books that the whole family can enjoy that doesn't push some kind of awful agenda. I am so thankful for companies like Brave Books because every book and item they put out has a pro-God and pro-America/freedom message. Did you know that they have multiple different "Book Clubs" that deliver a new book to your doorstep each month? In addition, they have numerous other single products that would make excellent stocking stuffers or gifts under the tree. USE CODE: HEARTANDHOME15 to get 15% off all subscriptions and products on the site.

Freedom Island Book Club (a new book (plus some extras) delivered each month)

Brave Family Plan (books, activities, games, conversation starters and more delivered right to your door each month) The mission behind the Brave Family plan is to make strong, resilient families who impart their values and character into the next generation. 


Seek & Find Books: My kids LOVE hidden picture books and I love that there are faith based versions that I can trust for my kids. I love that they have started creating activity books to go along with them as well. 

Seek & Find Old Testament

Seek & Find New Testament

Seek & Find The First Christmas

Seek & Find The First Christmas Activity Book


His Kids Company: His Kids Company is a family owned business that was started to spread God's Word through faith based clothing and other items like coloring books and puzzles. Each item that His Kids Company has features Scripture and points back to Jesus. Here are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out the entire site because they make excellent gifts. 

Silicone Placemats



Coloring Collection 


Huggy Hymns: Emily, the creator of Huggy Hymns started the company because she couldn't find what she wanted out their for her sons. Huggy Hymns are the sweetest, cuddliest stuffed animals that play hymns. Each stuffed animal was carefully chosen and handpicked to represent what Huggy Hymns wanted to accomplish: soothe innocent children while bringing the peace of Jesus "huggably" close. You can choose from one of 3 stuffed animals that play a bunch of different hymns and she also offers gift baskets, swaddle blankets, and a customizable hymn option. But the best part is that a portion of the proceeds go towards the World Tumor Foundation in honor of her son. 

Lion Huggy Hymn

Lamb Huggy Hymn

Elephant Huggy Hymn

All Huggy Hymn Products

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