Resources to Teach About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Unit Study Resources

Thanksgiving is a U.S. Holiday set aside to observe and remember the first Thanksgiving and to give thanks for the blessings that we have. All across the country, people will sit down around tables full of food and feast while giving thanks for the things they have. I think it is important to remember the origins of the holiday and to read and learn from a variety of sources about what really took place so long ago. In addition to reading lots of fun and informative Thanksgiving books, we use resources like my Thanksgiving Thematic Unit & Craft pack as well as my Thanksgiving Flip book to log and learn information about Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and Native Americans. 

Thanksgiving Unit Study Resources

Thanksgiving Flip Book

We have flip books for so many of our thematic units of study and love using them as they are an easy way to log the important and key information we are learning about. Each book I make comes in two different versions: one with pre-written text and places to fill in and one with blank pages which allows them to be used with a variety of ages and grade levels. The Thanksgiving Flip Book includes pages for Pilgrims, Mayflower, Native Americans, What did the Pilgrims learn to do and the First Thanksgiving.
Grab some Thanksgiving books from the library or use the very simple, nonfiction text resource in my Thanksgiving Thematic unit, do some research on Thanksgiving Day and then use the Thanksgiving Day flip book to log what you learned. Not only it is a simply and efficient way to log understanding, but it's quick and simple to put together. Simply cut out each page, lay them on top of one another in order, and staple at the top. Easy peasy. 

Diving Deeper Into Thanksgiving & Turkeys

Whether you are planning to spend a week studying the origins of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate or you are only spending a few days, having quality resources to teach and use are a must. In my Thanksgiving Thematic Unit, you will find over 90 pages of learning resources that are perfect for your homeschool or classroom students.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Writing is a great way to get learners thinking in a new way about the topic of study. This unit study includes several different types of writing projects. Two writing prompts are included: If I had a pet turkey...and I am excited to eat... and then there are two How to...prompts that follow a "First, Next, Last" Sequence.

Thanksgiving Unit Printable Worksheets

This pack includes numerous graphic organizers and worksheets that you can use to log the information you are learning about turkeys, Pilgrims, Wampanoags, and Thanksgiving. You can pick and choose from the different versions that are included.

Thanksgiving Themed KWL Worksheets

KWL charts are wonderful for helping learners pull from their previous knowledge about a topic, ask questions, about the topic, and then find the answers to their questions and share what they have learned.

Turkey Labeling Activities

Labeling activities promote early reading readiness and promote vocabulary development. The labeling activities I include in my Thematic Units always include a colored poster, a black and white poster (perfect for coloring pages) and 3 differentiated versions of the labeling activity sheets. 

Thanksgiving Themed Nonfiction


When studying any topic, I love to research and write my own nonfiction text to use with my children. Thanksgiving is a subject that I am not expert in and am continually learning about so the reader I have include is a very basic nonfiction reader along with a student reader that has a general synopsis of the first Thanksgiving. I highly suggest that you pull books from a variety of different sources to discuss the topic of the First Thanksgiving with your children.  My kids love to have their own booklet so my Nonfiction text resources always include a student reader that follows the exact text of the colored book and is in black and white so the children can color it when you are done. This unit also includes a 5 senses Thanksgiving Day read/write response booklet and Thanksgiving vocabulary cards.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

This craft was one of my first crafts I created for my shops and still one of my favorite crafts I have ever created and the kids LOVE him. The directions and all of the hand-drawn pattern pieces are included in the Thematic unit, but this Turkey craft is also available to be purchased separately as well if you are only looking for a craft to do with your kids. You can find the Turkey craft separately here.

Thanksgiving Unit Study & Flip Book

Grab the Thanksgiving Thematic Unit and/or the Thanksgiving Flip Book from one of our shops below. 


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