Mess Free Jingle Bell Painting For Babies & Toddlers

Christmas Activities for babies and toddlers: No Mess Jingle Bell Painting

Some days we all need a mess free activity our little ones can do and still have fun. I recently picked up some festive colored jingle bells from the Dollar Tree and I used several of each color to set up a mess free jingle bell painting experience for Little Miss.

Christmas activities for babies and toddlers Jingle Bell Painting-This No mess activity is the perfect Christmas activities for babies and toddlers without the mess. No mess sounds heavenly during the busy holiday season doesn't it?

I took a cake pan with a lid that I had stored in my baking drawer and taped a piece of white cardstock to the bottom using washi tape. I squeezed some different festive colors of paint all over the paper and then added the bells and put the top on the cake pan.

mess free paint JingleBellMessFreeInvitationToPaint2

I passed it off to Little Miss and let her go to town shaking the bells all over the container. The lid is semi clear so she could see what was going on with the bells the entire time. At first I only added 3 bells; however due to the small size of the bells and the amount of paint I had added, the bells didn’t want to move around so I ended up adding a bunch of bells and it worked like a charm. I am thinking if we had a little bit bigger bells we would have needed fewer.


Not only did this provide a mess free way for her to have some fun and get some wiggles out, but it also provided her with a sensory experience because every time she shook or moved the container the bells made a noise. It was only fitting that we pull up some Christmas tunes, especially Jingle Bells, while painting.

Once she was done painting, I took the paper out and let it hang to dry. I loved the look of this as is, but this would be fun to do and then cut out fun holiday shapes and then decorate packages with them as gift tags. Hmm we may just have to do that.




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  1. I love this idea. If someone wanted to add a little bit of cleanup time, a handprint in the center would be cute.