Penguin Snack Cup

Penguin Snack Cup

Snacks are always better when served in a fun snack cup. Our most recent snack cup just so happens to go along with our penguin tot school activities. Introducing Mr. Penguin Snack Cup.

Want to make your snack time with your toddlers even more fun? How about whipping up this fun Penguin snack cup. This is perfect for your tot school week all about penguins.

He is the perfect little cup to eat fishies  in, because of course penguins eat fishies right?

-Syrofoam cup
-Black, white, and orange acryclic paint

1. Paint the cup with black paint, giving it a couple coats if needed to achieve wanted color.
2. Add the white belly, eyes, beak and feet once the black is try, again giving it a couple coats if needed.
3. Fill with your little one’s favorites treats and let them snack away.

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