Penguin Snow Globe

Penguin Snow Globe

As part of our Penguin Week activities, we created a Penguin Snowglobe. The overall idea for the snowglobe came from HERE, but this particular version wasn’t very toddler friendly, nor did I have any of the items on hand. I wanted to make it toddler friendly so I am sharing below just how to make our toddler and low cost friendly version of the Penguin Snowglobe.
Penguin Snow Globe

Peanut Butter Jar or some other plastic lidded jar
Penguin Picture

This is a PERFECT activity for your little ones to practice the fine motor skills of ripping and crumbling. I set up a tray for Little Miss that consisted of two pieces of white computer paper and told her she could rip them into little pieces.
She loves ripping paper so this was perfect for her. Once she had a fair amount ripped I showed her how to crumble them into balls. She like doing this as well and worked on strengthening the muscles in her hand.

I printed a penguin out and colored him in using markers and then taped him to the inside of the pb jar making sure that his head was a the bottom of the jar. You can definitely get more creative and add a fancy scene in the background, but we were keeping this simple. Little Miss didn’t want to color him in so i took care of that part for her, but it would be even more fun to have the little ones color the scene.

Little Miss then added all of the crumbled up pieces of paper and helped me put the lid back on the jar. And Wah-la. You have a fun snowglobe your little ones can shake until their little hearts are content.

Penguin Snow Globe

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