Color Themed Toddler Activities

Color Activities for Toddlers

Last week we explored colors through a bunch of fun hands on learning activities. In addition to our color themed tot school trays and all our fun colored themed books, we completed many other color activities, which included numerous gross motor and art activities. 

Children learn best through play. Check out these 6 colored themed learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers as well as some addition color themed tot trays.

Here is a peek into all our other color themed fun last week.

This now mess painting activity is a great way to explore colors for toddlers and preschoolers and the best part is the easy clean up.
Rainbow No Mess Painting: I absolutely love these no mess activities and when you have a paint obsessed toddler these are perfect. Little Miss practice her colors as she handed me each color of paint from the box of paint and then had a blast shaking the cake pan around and hearing the golf ball around to create a rainbow on the paper. The dimples in the golf ball created the neatest textured effect in the paint.
DIY Magnetic Fishing Pole Color Game

DIY Magnetic Fish & Fishing Pole Game: Mr. Mac-n-Taters made this DIY fishing pole game for Little Miss for Easter last year. She was still a little bit too little yet for it, but as the year went on she was able to control the stick better so we could give her this activity more often. We got it out this week and practiced catching different colors of fish.
Having children identify colors of objects by listening to you say a color is another great way to explore and learn about colors. This object color identification activity using items around the house is fun for toddlers and preschoolers.

Which Object is ________? Color Identification: I love how this activity required her to differentiate between her colors and practiced listening skills.I gave her 3 different colored objects at a time and would ask her to find me the green, yellow, orange etc object and hand it to me. She loved this once she stopped trying to give them all to me.
This gross motor color activity is perfec to get those wiggles out while practicing and exploring the colors in your child's everyday environment.

Color Scavenger Hunt: This activity was so fun and definitely got some of the wiggles out that we had a couple days this week. Finding objects of different colors all around the house (I may have specifically put a good selection of colored objects all around out of their normal places since this was our first time doing something like this. As she gets more consistent in identifying all colors I will let her find them without “hiding” objects around.)
Color sorting using different items from around the house is a great way to see how well your toddlers and preschoolers can differentiate between their colors.
Sorting Toys By Color: We used many of the items from the scavenger hunt and would sort them into different piles. I gave her 2 different colors at a time.
This fun color activity adds a whole new level of fun to learning colors for toddlers and preschoolers and is a great gross motor activity as well.

High Five Hand Color Recognition: Little Miss loves to give high fives so she absolutely LOVED this activity. I traced my hand and cut it out in one of every color and taped them to the basement door. I would call out “Give red a high five” and she would high five the red and say red.

For more color themed learning fun, check out our other Color Tot school posts.

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