Color Themed Tot & Fine Motor Trays

Color Tot Trays and Fine MOtor Trays for Toddlers
Last week we dove back into tot school after taking a little break to enjoy the newest member of our family. We dove right into learning all about colors and had many tot tray activities that were on repeat all throughout the week.  

These color themed tot school trays are great for fine motor practice for the littlest learners. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy learning their colors with these hands on learning activities. Learning through play is the best way to learn for toddlers and preschoolers. Each new color tot tray became my new favorite.
Most of the Tot tray activities we used this week were accessible to Little Miss all throughout the week so that she could go back to her favorites. These are the ones we used this week with affiliate links to some of the products we used. 
Water Wow color books from Melissa & DoughWater Wow color books from Melissa & Dough
Melissa & Doug Water Wow Color Books: Little Miss received a variety of the Water wow books for her 2nd birthday and one of the sets included cards for colors. Let me tell you these Water wow books are the neatest things. I find myself wanting her to pass off the brush so I can paint with water. If you haven’t seen these books before you are missing out. They are an awesome thing to have on hand for toddlers for in the car, when you are out, or even just as a filler activity for a little quiet time. The little wand can be filled with water and you “color” on the white pages and a hidden picture appears. As the page dries, the picture disappears and it is ready to be colored again. These can be reused over and over again which is my favorite part. They also include extension activities which are great.
These Lauri Peg & Peg Stacker toys are perfect for so many skills including colors, patterns, size comparison, quantities and more.
Lauri Deluxe Peg & Peg Stacker: This was another toy Little Miss received for her birthday and it has been played with so many times. This is such a great activity that you can practice SOOO many skills. It is great for fine motor practice as well as various color recognition activities. In the future it will be great for pattern practice, quantities, and size variation. We used this for finding and saying her colors.
This color wheel clothespin match is the perfect busy bag for your toddler or preschooler to practice their fine motor skills and for learning colors.
Clothespin Color Paint Palette: This activity was a busy bag that I created for Little Miss prior to our Little Man coming so that she had something to keep her busy while I was nursing or just needing a minute of quiet. I used foam I picked up at the craft store and clothespins and created a paint palette fine motor activity for identifying colors.
Pom Pom Color Push
Pom Pom Push No Spill Paint Cup Fine Motor: When I first saw this activity on Munchkin and Moms Instagram page I knew I had to do this when we started working with colors. It was the very first tray I introduced to Little Miss this week. I first started off by giving her all of the colors, but this proved to be overwhelming for her so I went down to giving her 2 at a time and this was much more manageable.
These heads and tails color animal puzzles are a great busy bag activity for toddlers and preschoolers to practice matching and learning their colors.
Colored Animal 2 Piece Puzzles: This is a free printable file I created as another busy bag for Little Miss. She did better with this activity with fewer animals to match. She did great with finding the pieces that go together, but at 2 it was a little bit hard for her to keep the pieces side by side since they don’t snap together and this caused some frustration for her.
Using pipe cleaners and a colander, you can set up the perfect color themed invitation to play that not only works to promote color learning, but also fine motor skills.
Colored Pipe Cleaners In Colander: I absolutely love these colander fine motor activities and so does Little Miss. I had some cut up pieces of pipe cleaner in my tot school stash and set them out for her to add to the colander. She loved this and would call out the colors as she stuck them in. Once she added all the pieces, I would call out a color and she would quickly try to find the pipe cleaner and pull it out. She also loved pushing the pipe cleaners the whole way through the colander and playing a game of hide and seek with them. She finished this off each time by pulling the pipe cleaners out and counting as she went. So many skills practiced in such a simple quick activity.
Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker Toy
Rainbow Stacker: We have had this since Little Miss was around 6 months old. I found an amazing deal on it and couldn’t pass it up. She loves to put the pieces on the posts and loves telling me what color each of the blocks are. We unfortunately have lost one of the pieces which drives me crazy, but it still works and serves a great purpose.
Melissa & Doug Pounding Toy
Rainbow Pounding Toy: Little Miss received this for her first Christmas and she LOVES it. What toddler doesn’t love pounding on things and making noise?
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